Gabriele Rigon

Gabriele Rigon

Italian photographer
Country: Italy

  1. Biography of Gabriele Rigon
  2. Introduction
  3. Early Life and Career
  4. Photographing Russian Celebrities
  5. Photography Style
  6. Working with Models
  7. Preference for Indoor Photography
  8. Combining Photography with Military Service
  9. Understanding Beauty
  10. Conclusion

Biography of Gabriele Rigon


Gabriele Rigon is an Italian photographer known for his work with women, capturing their beauty and elegance in his photographs. He has worked with numerous Russian models and celebrities, as well as major Russian magazines and companies. Rigon's unique approach to photography focuses on capturing the inner beauty and natural moments of his subjects.

Early Life and Career

Gabriele Rigon was born and raised in Italy. He began his photography career while serving in the Italian Army, specializing in photojournalism for his flight group. His first photos were taken during a UN peacekeeping mission in Namibia in 1990. Rigon discovered a similarity between aerial photography and capturing the beauty of women, as both involved a sense of freedom and inspiration.

Photographing Russian Celebrities

Rigon has worked with several Russian celebrities who have achieved fame in Italy. He has photographed Russian TV personalities, movie stars, and successful individuals. Though he cannot recall specific names, Rigon has been involved in various projects with well-known Russian VIPs and has collaborated with major Russian magazines and companies.

Photography Style

Rigon's photography style revolves around capturing the inner beauty and natural moments of his subjects. He values the process and the presence of the model, rather than focusing solely on posing and artificiality. Rigon prefers minimalistic poses and aims to showcase the true and natural beauty of women. He often shoots with natural lighting to convey the authenticity and genuine beauty of his subjects.

Working with Models

Rigon believes that to create beautiful and natural photos, a photographer must truly love and appreciate women. He emphasizes the importance of understanding a model's desires, passions, and inner beauty. Rigon creates a comfortable atmosphere for his models by speaking softly, never raising his voice, and treating them with kindness. He encourages models to relax and be themselves, capturing their beauty in their everyday lives.

Preference for Indoor Photography

Gabriele Rigon prefers to shoot in beautiful indoor settings where models can feel comfortable and at ease. He believes that closed, aesthetically pleasing spaces create an intimate atmosphere for shooting lingerie or nude photography. While he occasionally shoots outdoors, Rigon finds that indoor environments allow models to be uninhibited and free from concerns about being seen.

Combining Photography with Military Service

In addition to his photography career, Rigon serves as a helicopter pilot in the Italian Army. He finds himself fortunate to be able to pursue both passions simultaneously. The contrast between documenting military activities and capturing the beauty of women provides Rigon with extreme emotional experiences. He believes that both contexts evoke intense emotions and serve as powerful subjects for his photography.

Understanding Beauty

For Gabriele Rigon, beauty is about harmony, simplicity, and proper proportions that evoke a sense of admiration. He acknowledges that beauty is subjective and that what appeals to him may not necessarily resonate with others. Rigon's photography showcases external beauty, such as form, body, face, and eyes, but he also values the inner beauty that touches his heart.


Gabriele Rigon is an accomplished Italian photographer known for capturing the beauty and elegance of women. His work with Russian models and celebrities has gained him recognition in the fashion industry. Rigon's unique approach to photography emphasizes the natural beauty and inner essence of his subjects, creating timeless and captivating images.