Galina Dzhunkovskaya

Galina Dzhunkovskaya

Flight and squadron navigator.
Date of Birth: 06.10.1922
Country: Ukraine

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  2. War Hero
  3. Hero of the Soviet Union

Biography of Galina Dzhunkovskaya

Galina Ivanovna Dzhunkovskaya (Markova) was born on October 6, 1922, in the village of Yurkovka, currently in the Stavishchensky district of the Kiev region in Ukraine, in a peasant family. She spent her childhood and youth in the city of Grozny. In 1938, she graduated from the Grozny Medical School, and in 1941, she completed two courses at the Moscow Aviation Institute. She joined the Red Army in 1941 and graduated from the navigator courses at the Engels Military Aviation School in 1942. She served on the front lines of the Great Patriotic War from January 1943.

Galina Dzhunkovskaya

War Hero

As a squadron and flight navigator, Galina Dzhunkovskaya fought as part of the Don, Stalingrad, North Caucasus, Western, 3rd Belarusian, 1st and 2nd Baltic Fronts. She experienced two injuries, including burns, but after recovering, she returned to duty. By the beginning of December 1944, she served as a flight navigator in the 125th Guards Bombing Aviation Regiment (4th Guards Bombing Aviation Division, 1st Guards Bombing Aviation Corps, 3rd Air Army, 1st Baltic Front). She completed 62 combat flights, destroyed 3 ammunition depots, 2 trains, 10 tanks, 5 vehicles, and shot down 2 enemy aircraft in 5 aerial battles. She distinguished herself during the liberation of Orsha and Borisov.

Hero of the Soviet Union

On August 18, 1945, Galina Dzhunkovskaya was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union with the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star medal for her bravery and military prowess displayed in battles against the enemy. After the war, she served in the Far East as a deputy navigator. She was in the reserves as a Guards Major from 1949. In 1951, she graduated from the Kirovograd Regional Pedagogical Institute and worked as an English language teacher in a school from 1951 to 1967. She was involved in public work and was a member of the Board of the USSR-Netherlands Society and the International Commission of the Soviet War Veterans Committee. She lived in Moscow until her death on September 12, 1985. She was buried in Moscow at the Kuntsevo Cemetery. Galina Dzhunkovskaya was awarded the Orders of Lenin, Red Banner, Patriotic War 1st Class, and the Red Star (twice), as well as various medals. A secondary school in the village of Yurkovka bears her name. She was the author of the books "Youth in Flames" and "Tell, Birch".