Gary Green

Gary Green

British rock musician, guitarist
Date of Birth: 20.11.1950
Country: Great Britain

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Gary Green - Biography

Gary Green is a British rock musician and guitarist, best known for his involvement in the progressive rock band Gentle Giant. He was a member of the band from its formation in 1970 until their disbandment in 1980.

Early Life and Career

Born in England, Gary Green developed a passion for music at a young age. He began playing the guitar and honing his skills, eventually joining Gentle Giant when the band was first formed. Green's versatile playing style allowed him to explore a wide range of musical genres, but his bluesy guitar sound remained a prominent feature throughout his career.

Gentle Giant

As a guitarist for Gentle Giant, Gary Green played a crucial role in shaping the band's unique sound. Known for their complex and intricate compositions, Gentle Giant pushed the boundaries of progressive rock. Green's guitar work contributed to the band's distinctive blend of rock, jazz, and classical influences. He also showcased his versatility by playing various other instruments during live performances and studio recordings.

Later Projects

After Gentle Giant disbanded in 1980, Gary Green continued his musical journey by joining the band Mother Tongue. Although his time with the group was relatively short-lived, Green's contribution added depth and skill to their sound. In recent years, he has collaborated with musician Billy Sherwood on various joint projects, further showcasing his talent as a guitarist.


Gary Green's impact on the world of rock music, particularly within the progressive genre, cannot be overstated. His skillful guitar playing and ability to seamlessly transition between different musical styles have earned him a revered place among musicians and fans alike. Green's contributions to Gentle Giant and his subsequent work continue to be celebrated and appreciated by music enthusiasts around the world.