Genriettta Lagvilava

Genriettta Lagvilava

Belarusian, formerly Georgian, chess player.
Date of Birth: 03.06.1969
Country: Georgia

  1. Biography of Henrietta Lagvilava
  2. Champion of Georgia & USSR
  3. Representing Belarus
  4. Participant of Women's World Championship

Biography of Henrietta Lagvilava

Henrietta Lagvilava, a Belarusian chess player, was born in Georgia. She started her career as a chess player in Georgia before moving to Belarus. Lagvilava became a Grandmaster in 2000, earning her title among women in the chess world.

Champion of Georgia & USSR

In 1984, Lagvilava achieved a significant milestone by becoming the Champion of Georgia. Her exceptional talent and dedication to the game led her to win the USSR Girls' Chess Championship in 1986. Lagvilava's strategic skills and determination were evident from an early age.

Representing Belarus

Lagvilava represented Belarus in various international competitions as a part of their national chess team. She proudly participated in six Olympic Games from 1994 to 2004, showcasing her exceptional talent on a global stage.

Participant of Women's World Championship

In 2001, Lagvilava had the honor of being a participant in the Women's World Championship held in Moscow. This championship followed a knockout system, and Lagvilava's presence demonstrated her standing as one of the top female chess players in the world.

Overall, Henrietta Lagvilava's career as a chess player spanned across different countries, starting in Georgia and eventually settling in Belarus. Her achievements and contributions to the chess world have solidified her position as a respected figure in the game.