Girish Tanti

Girish Tanti

Indian industrialist, talented businessman, billionaire
Country: India

  1. Biography of Girish Tanti
  2. Early Life and Career
  3. Suzlon Energy Ltd.
  4. Achievements and Leadership
  5. Girish Tanti's Contribution

Biography of Girish Tanti

Girish Tanti is an Indian industrialist, talented businessman, and billionaire. He is a co-owner of the major company Suzlon Energy Ltd., where he holds 12 percent of the shares and serves as a board member. His main focus at present is on international business relations and human resources.

Early Life and Career

Girish Tanti was born in India into a family that also consisted of three other sons, all of whom later became owners of Suzlon Energy Ltd. Originally, the family was involved in the textile industry but later shifted their focus to the energy sector. The company emerged as one of the best in earning enormous profits from wind energy utilization in various fields. Today, Suzlon Energy Ltd. is one of the most popular organizations in the world.

Suzlon Energy Ltd.

Girish Tanti owns 12 percent of all shares in Suzlon Energy Ltd. and fulfills his duties as a board member. The company is considered one of the most promising as it offers optimal solutions in wind energy generation to its clients and independently carries out all related operations, including system production, installation, and technical maintenance. Suzlon Energy Ltd. operates not only in India but also in European countries such as Germany and the Netherlands. Its main offices are located in the United States (Chicago), China (Beijing), and Australia (Melbourne). All systems produced by Suzlon Energy Ltd. are manufactured in strict compliance with international standards for this type of product.

Achievements and Leadership

Suzlon Energy Ltd. employs a large number of people, with over four thousand employees. The company's profitability is evident, generating approximately 400 million euros in revenue. Currently, the organization is led by the eldest of the Tanti brothers, who completely oversees the production process and has earned the respect of colleagues and competing companies.

Girish Tanti's Contribution

Girish Tanti, the brother of the head of Suzlon Energy Ltd., is an equally highly qualified specialist, experienced worker, visionary, and competent leader. He plays a crucial role in the organization's success and contributes significantly to its growth and development.