Glenn Douglas Packard

Glenn Douglas Packard

Star of the reality show “Brooke Knows Best”, choreographer
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Glenn Douglas Packard
  2. Early Life and Accident
  3. Dance Career and Success
  4. Current Career

Biography of Glenn Douglas Packard

Glenn Douglas Packard, a reality show star from "Brooke Knows Best" and an Emmy-nominated choreographer, has worked with popular performers such as Pink, Mark Anthony, Missy Elliot, Nelly Furtado, Whitney Houston, Usher, and Liza Minnelli.

Glenn Douglas Packard

Early Life and Accident

Glenn grew up in the small town of Clare, Michigan, where his family owned a dairy farm on which he worked. He had planned to continue his parents' business in the future. However, a tragic accident almost took his life. At the age of 19, Glenn was involved in an accident with a tractor that resulted in a broken spine and nearly losing his right leg. He spent a whole year in the hospital, fighting for his life. During this time, Glenn made a promise to himself that if he recovered, he would pursue his lifelong dream of attending dance school.

Glenn Douglas Packard

Dance Career and Success

At the age of 21, Glenn began his dance journey, studying dance at Michigan State University. He then received a scholarship to study with Alvin Ailey in New York City in the 90s, where he excelled. Additionally, Glenn possessed vocal talent, which led to the creation of the group "twONEty." The group embarked on a European tour, performing concerts in 75 cities across 15 countries. It was during this time that Glenn met Brooke Hogan, a famous American singer and the daughter of renowned wrestler Hulk Hogan. The two became close friends.

As Glenn's career as a choreographer soared, he collaborated with numerous stars. In 1999, he served as the choreographer for Whitney Houston's gala concert. In 2002, Glenn received an Emmy for his choreography in Michael Jackson's concert. At the request of King Mohammed VI, he traveled to Morocco to perform a televised show on NBC and HBO. Glenn also worked with his long-time friend Brooke Hogan, accompanying her on tour with his dance group and appearing in her music video "Everything to Me."

Current Career

Today, Glenn Douglas Packard is one of the most in-demand choreographers, working with A-list celebrities and being involved in various other projects.