Grethe Kausland

Grethe Kausland

Norwegian singer and actress
Date of Birth: 03.07.1947
Country: Norway

  1. Biography of Grethe Kausland
  2. Early Career
  3. Acting Career
  4. Later Career and Personal Life

Biography of Grethe Kausland

Grethe Kausland was a Norwegian singer and actress born on July 3, 1947 in Horten, Norway. She made her stage debut at the age of four in a local revue. At the age of eight, Grethe won a radio singing competition, which led to the release of her wildly popular single "Teddyen min/Cowboyhelten" in 1955. During her star-studded childhood, Grethe was one of the most popular singers in Norway. Her debut single "Teddyen min" sold over 100,000 copies.

Grethe Kausland

Early Career

As a child, Grethe Kausland appeared in several films and had the honor of representing Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1972, where she performed the ballad "Småting" with Swedish singer and composer Benny Borg. From 1973 onwards, the singer regularly performed with the entertainment group "Dizzie Tunes". In 1978, she won the "Spellemannprisen" award, the Norwegian equivalent of the Grammy, for her album "A Taste of Grethe Kausland". She also received the "Leonardstatuetten" prize from the Association of Norwegian Satirical Writers in 1991 for her achievements in theatrical revue.

Grethe Kausland

Acting Career

Grethe Kausland began her acting career at the age of twelve with her role in Bjørn Andersen's film "Smuglere i smoking" in 1957. By the age of twelve, she had recorded ten songs and appeared in five films. She had a passion for jazz from an early age and would secretly attend jazz clubs. Despite her young age, her voice was comparable to that of an adult jazz singer. Grethe later became a star in the show "På gol'fot" with the group "Dizzie Tunes". She appeared in shows such as "Showkade med og uten fyll" in 1974, "Vi spillopper" in 1976 and its film adaptation in 1979, as well as in videos such as "Memories Of Music" and "The Show Must Go Home". She also participated in the project "Festsprell i Dizzie Tider" in 1988.

Grethe Kausland

Later Career and Personal Life

Grethe Kausland appeared in numerous television series and participated in the project "Sing Sala Bim" in 1973, which won the "Bronze Rose" award at the festival in Montreux. In 1993, she played nine tragic female musical destinies in the show "A Star is Torn" by Robin Archer and Rodney Fisher. She skillfully transformed on stage into Bessie Smith, Helen Morgan, Judy Garland, Billie Holiday, Edith Piaf, Marie Lloyd, Marilyn Monroe, Dinah Washington, and Janis Joplin. The first performance where Grethe played all the roles took place at the Rogaland Theater in Stavanger and later at the Victoria Theater in Oslo.

Grethe Kausland was married to jazz guitarist Halvard Kausland from 1966 to 1979. After their divorce, she decided to keep her ex-husband's surname.