Haim Ginott

Haim Ginott

Israeli psychologist
Date of Birth: 05.08.1922
Country: Israel

  1. Dr. Haim Ginott: A Revolution in Parent-Child Relationships
  2. A Pioneer in Psychology and Education
  3. Teaching and Influence
  4. Empowering Parents
  5. A Journey from Teacher to Psychologist

Dr. Haim Ginott: A Revolution in Parent-Child Relationships

Dr. Haim Ginott was an Israeli psychologist, pediatrician, and leader of parent seminars. Born in 1922, he passed away on November 4, 1974, after a long and painful illness at the age of 55. Just weeks before his death, he looked at his first book (this book) and said to me, "Alice, mark my words, this book will become a classic." His prediction came true.

Haim Ginott

A Pioneer in Psychology and Education

Dr. Haim Ginott was a clinical psychologist and a renowned author of several books that brought revolutionary changes to the relationships between adults (parents and educators) and children. His books, such as "Group Psychotherapy with Children," "Between Parent and Child," "Between Parent and Teenager," and "Teacher and Child," became bestsellers and were translated into 30 languages.

Teaching and Influence

Ginott taught psychology at the Graduate School of New York University and Adelphi University in Long Island, New York. He was also the first staff psychologist on the television program "Today" and wrote columns for newspapers and magazines. His principles of communication, as outlined in his books, helped adults enter the world of children, teaching them compassion and encouragement. He taught adults to recognize children's feelings and respond to them accordingly.

Empowering Parents

During parent seminars, Ginott shared strategies on how to educate without humiliating, criticize without destroying, praise constructively, and express dissatisfaction without hurting. He guided parents on how to respond to their children's behavior in a way that would help them trust their own perceptions and grow into confident individuals.

A Journey from Teacher to Psychologist

Prior to becoming a psychologist, Dr. Haim Ginott was a school teacher. He graduated from David Yellin Teachers' College in Jerusalem and earned his doctoral degree from Columbia University Teachers College.

In conclusion, Dr. Haim Ginott's life was full and impactful. He may have passed away at a relatively young age, but his legacy lives on through his influential books, which touched the souls of many. As the story goes, a wise rabbi once said, "My father lived a long life," even though he died prematurely. Similarly, Dr. Ginott's life was considered full because he wrote many important books and touched the lives of countless people.