Herd Muller

Herd Muller

Football player, striker
Date of Birth: 03.11.1945
Country: Germany

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  6. These records and achievements were accurate as of March 27, 2002.

Biography of Gerd Muller

Born in Nördlingen, Bavaria, Gerd Muller was a West German footballer who brought global fame to Germany in the 1960s and 1970s. Playing as a forward, he was admired and celebrated by every respectable German family during that time.


Muller played for several clubs throughout his career, including Bayern Munich in Germany, Fort Lauderdale Strikers and Smith Brothers in the United States. He appeared in 507 matches for these club teams and scored an impressive 405 goals.

National Team

Muller also represented the German national team, playing in 62 matches and scoring 68 goals for his country.


One of Muller's greatest achievements was winning the FIFA World Cup in 1974. He was also a champion of the UEFA European Championship in 1972. Additionally, he won the UEFA Champions League three times consecutively from 1974 to 1976. In 1967, he became the winner of the European Cup Winners' Cup, and in 1976, he won the Intercontinental Cup.

Individual Awards

Muller was honored with the prestigious "Golden Ball" award in 1970, recognizing him as the best football player in Europe that year.

These records and achievements were accurate as of March 27, 2002.

During the 1960s and 1970s, Gerd Muller's ability to score goals in the most improbable situations near the goal earned him the nickname "Bomber der Nation" (Bomber of the Nation). Muller himself modestly attributed his success to his instinct for scoring goals. He once said, "There is no secret. It's all about goal-scoring instinct. But it only worked for me when there were only a few meters left to the goal. I scored a lot, but rarely from long distances, only about five times."

According to Muller, the art of being a successful goal scorer cannot be taught. It is an innate talent. He didn't care which part of his body he used to send the ball into the net, whether it be his foot or, jokingly, his behind. Muller always regretted that Gunter Netzer did not play for Bayern Munich, as he believed that with Netzer's passes, he could have scored not just 40 goals in the German championship season but perhaps even 50.