Huang Fang-liang

Huang Fang-liang

Taiwanese entrepreneur
Country: Taiwan

  1. Taiwanese Entrepreneur, Founder and Manager of Chin Tang Paperware
  2. Carton King Restaurant: Unconventional Dining Experience
  3. The Vision of Juan Fan-lian
  4. Eco-Friendliness and Recycling

Taiwanese Entrepreneur, Founder and Manager of Chin Tang Paperware

Juan Fan-lian is a Taiwanese entrepreneur, best known as the founder and manager of Chin Tang Paperware. However, he is also widely recognized for his unique and unconventional venture, the 'Carton King' restaurant, which has become one of the most unusual tourist attractions in the world.

Huang Fang-liang

Carton King Restaurant: Unconventional Dining Experience

The 'Carton King' restaurant is not your typical dining establishment. While it may appear to be a regular restaurant, the food here is not particularly exceptional, and the prices are slightly higher than expected. However, what sets this restaurant apart is that almost everything within it is made of cardboard. Don't worry, though - the products, waitstaff, and certain tableware are the happy exceptions to this "cardboard" rule. Guests sit on cardboard chairs at cardboard tables, eat from cardboard plates, and drink from cardboard cups.

The Vision of Juan Fan-lian

Juan Fan-lian had multiple goals in mind when pursuing this project. Firstly, he wanted to showcase the wonders that can be created using ordinary cardboard and paper. In an era dominated by metal, glass, and cheap plastics, these simple, eco-friendly materials often take a backseat. However, they still have immense potential to serve humanity. The restaurant's cardboard chairs are a prime example of this, as they can comfortably accommodate even a 100-kilogram chef, reassuring nervous guests about their safety.

Eco-Friendliness and Recycling

The second goal behind Juan's venture lies in the restaurant's eco-friendliness. Few establishments can boast the level of support for recycling mechanisms that this restaurant has. Anything that breaks within the cardboard restaurant can be easily and cost-effectively recycled into a new and perfectly intact piece of furniture or decor. Juan's choice of materials for the restaurant was not a random decision; he had worked with paper and packaging materials throughout his life. When he decided to launch his own project, he carefully considered his niche, realizing that competing with well-established packaging manufacturers would not be advantageous. The chosen option turned out to be sufficiently unique, financially viable, and environmentally pristine.