Isaac Brown

Isaac Brown

An American boy who lives without feeling pain.
Country: USA

American Boy Living Without Pain

Isaac Brown is an American boy who lives without feeling pain. Unfortunately, this condition is very dangerous because Isaac's body does not sense pain signals and therefore he is constantly at risk of serious injury. His parents especially suffered when he was a baby - for the sake of fun, he could harm himself, while they spent all their time trying to prevent him from getting hurt.

Isaac Brown

Biography of Isaac Brown

Isaac Brown is a 5-year-old American boy from Iowa. He was born with congenital insensitivity to pain, and it took some time before his parents and doctors noticed that something was wrong with him. Isaac's mother recalls with horror how he amused himself by hitting his face on the table or falling face down on the floor - he found this to be a very entertaining activity. There were other dangerous situations as well - young Isaac would put his hands in cups of boiling coffee, touch hot stoves, break bones, cut himself, and scratch himself, with no tears in his eyes. His parents literally kept a constant watch over him - leaving him alone was simply life-threatening.

"We do everything we can to explain to him what is good and what is bad," Mrs. Brown said in an interview. By the way, along with insensitivity to pain, Isaac does not sweat and does not feel cold or hot - his parents have to explain all these things to him. Unfortunately, doctors just shrug their shoulders - there is no treatment for Isaac, so medicine can only help him when he has already injured himself. There are about a hundred people with similar symptoms in the United States, and there are support groups for parents whose children suffer from the absence of pain syndrome. Through the Internet, Isaac's parents stay in touch with families facing similar problems.

One day, while playing on a playground, Isaac broke his pelvis. He realized that something unusual had happened, but his body still didn't feel any pain, so the boy assumed that he had hurt his ankle since he couldn't walk properly. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for his parents to explain to him what danger means and the risks associated with injuries. They have been trying for years to get him to immediately call his parents whenever he realizes that he has done something awkward, fallen, or sees blood on his body. It is not hard to imagine that this seems boring and uninteresting to little Isaac, especially when he has to interrupt an interesting game because of such "trivial" things.

Unfortunately, the Brown family is going through a difficult time - both for the boy and his parents. His parents are grateful to the heavens that they did not have problems with a bloodied tongue, bleeding gums, and hands, as happened with other children with similar conditions when their teeth were growing. Currently, the Brown family is working with the Mayo Clinic, where research is being conducted at the genetic level that may someday help overcome Isaac's condition. The boy's parents are very hopeful and believe that a cure for their son will be found sooner or later - since they learned about the possibility, a ray of hope has appeared in their family.