Ishtvan Oros

Ishtvan Oros

Hungarian graphic artist and cartoonist
Date of Birth: 24.10.1951
Country: Hungary

  1. Biography of Istvan Orosz
  2. Professional Education
  3. A Versatile Artist
  4. Awards and Recognition
  5. Catalogs and Monographs

Biography of Istvan Orosz

Istvan Orosz is a Hungarian graphic artist and animator, best known for his works in the field of optical art. He specializes in creating optical illusions, impossible figures, double-meaning drawings, and anamorphoses.

Professional Education

Istvan Orosz received his professional education at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Budapest. After graduating in 1975, Orosz began working in the theater industry as a scenographer, set decorator, and actor. He also developed a passion for animation. Later, he shifted his interests towards applied graphics, creating theater, exhibition, and movie posters.

A Versatile Artist

Istvan Orosz is a versatile artist with encyclopedic knowledge. He has undergone classical training as a European draftsman and engraver, mastering his craft to perfection. His unique style and distinctive handwriting set him apart from others. Orosz's exceptional creativity and immense work ethic make his posters outstanding creations of contemporary art.

He is a bold innovator who constantly experiments with the plastic form, blending different styles and directions. Surprisingly, he remains a traditionalist in the noblest sense of the word. Orosz develops captivating ideas influenced by the European impossibilism movement, effortlessly playing theatrical etudes. He skillfully juggles mysterious images from classical "absurd aesthetics" and European mysticism, exploring Escher's "fourth dimension" and creating mesmerizing examples of op-art. Even in his poster art, Orosz fearlessly combines themes from literature, applied psychology, and contemporary art. His posters serve as illustrations in the Great Book of Life, reflecting the surrounding reality.

Awards and Recognition

Istvan Orosz is a laureate of the fifth "Golden Bee" poster biennale and a regular participant in major international biennales, including those in Brno, Warsaw, Toyama, Fort Collins, and Lahti. He doesn't forget his passion for animation and collaborates as a director with Pannonia Film studio. Occasionally, Orosz gives lectures as a guest lecturer at his alma mater, the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Budapest.

Catalogs and Monographs

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