Ivan Dzjanchatov

Ivan Dzjanchatov

Date of Birth: 19.12.1982
Country: Russia

Biography of Ivan Dzhanchatov

Ivan Dzhanchatov is an actor who graduated from the Social and Economic Faculty of the Russian State Social University (RGSU) with a mix of grades, including 20% fours and the rest fives. After completing his undergraduate studies, he pursued a PhD and passed the qualifying exams. Currently, he is in the process of defending his dissertation and hopes to become a candidate of sciences in October.

Dzhanchatov fondly remembers his student years at RGSU, which were filled with thousands of jokes and memorable moments. He recalls one funny incident from his first year when he bought two large toys for his friend and himself on Valentine's Day. They planned to approach any girl they liked and confess their love while giving her the toy. However, his friend accidentally gave the wrong toy to the wrong girl, resulting in a humorous mix-up.

Another unforgettable memory for Dzhanchatov was his graduation. During the exams, he wrote an essay in the grand assembly hall and requested additional paper, as he made three spelling mistakes. Despite the errors, he received a perfect score because he wrote on a free topic and incorporated Pushkin's fairytale "The Fisherman and the Golden Fish."

Dzhanchatov's journey into the world of acting started by chance when someone recommended him to audition for the TV series "Detectives." He hesitated at first, as he believed drama was not his forte, but humor was. However, fate intervened when he witnessed a car accident before his audition. He helped the victims and contacted the woman's husband, who was in another city. This incident led him to the casting and eventually landed him a role in the series.

In the series, Dzhanchatov portrays a character who is melancholic and occasionally phlegmatic. However, he clarifies that his real personality is quite the opposite - energetic, humorous, and even explosive. He explains that as an actor, it is impossible to fully express oneself in such a role. Furthermore, he highlights that his character lacks a personal life, which has been discussed multiple times with the show's writers.

Despite the audience perceiving him as a real detective's assistant, Dzhanchatov acknowledges that most viewers are primarily grandmothers and young children. He does not consider himself famous and instead considers the recognition as being limited to his "circle." Nonetheless, he receives letters from viewers who seek his help in specific situations or call him for advice.

On the set of "Detectives," there are often amusing moments due to the small crew and handheld cameras. People sometimes mistake the filming for reality, leading to unexpected interactions. Dzhanchatov shares a funny incident where he had to act in front of the crew, and a neighbor misunderstood the situation, resulting in comedic confusion. Despite the challenges, they managed to complete the episode amidst laughter and successfully filmed the series.

In conclusion, Ivan Dzhanchatov's journey into acting was unexpected but rewarding. He has made a name for himself in the TV series "Detectives" and continues to entertain viewers with his unique portrayal of a detective's assistant. While his character may be reserved and serious, Dzhanchatov's true personality shines through his energetic and humorous nature.