Jack Sheppard

Jack Sheppard

Legendary English robber and thief
Date of Birth: 04.03.1702
Country: Great Britain

  1. Biography of Jack Shepard
  2. Early Life and Career
  3. Rise to Infamy
  4. Criminal Activities and Escapes
  5. Arrests, Escapes, and Betrayal
  6. Execution

Biography of Jack Shepard

Early Life and Career

Jack Shepard was born in a poor family in the notorious Spitalfields district of London. After his father's death, he was sent to Mr. Garrett's School and later became an apprentice to a furniture maker. However, his interest in a life of crime led him astray.

Jack Sheppard

Rise to Infamy

In 1723, Shepard embarked on a life of theft and was arrested five times in the following year. His ability to escape four times made him a popular figure among the lower classes. His notoriety eventually led to the downfall of the legendary thief-taker Jonathan Wild.

Jack Sheppard

Criminal Activities and Escapes

Shepard's criminal career lasted less than two years, during which he engaged in various robberies and burglaries. He formed a partnership with Joseph Blake and became a member of Wild's gang. Shepard and his lover, Elizabeth Lyon, lived in different areas of London and were eventually caught during a robbery in 1724.

Arrests, Escapes, and Betrayal

Shepard was arrested multiple times but managed to escape from prison on three occasions. However, his fourth arrest proved to be his last. Lyon betrayed Shepard's hiding place to Wild, who then informed the authorities. Despite being heavily guarded and shackled, Shepard managed to escape once again before being captured and ultimately sentenced to death.


On November 16, 1724, Shepard was hanged for his crimes. His short but notorious criminal career had made him a national hero and a symbol of resistance against authority.