Football player
Date of Birth: 25.12.1944
Country: Brazil

  1. Jairzinho: The Brazilian Football Legend
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Jairzinho: The Brazilian Football Legend


Jair Ventura Filho, more commonly known as Jairzinho, was born on December 25, 1944, in Brazil. He grew up in the neighborhood of General Severiano, just across the street from the stadium where Botafogo played. It was no surprise that he joined the neighborhood team, which was named "Estrela de Botafogo" - "Botafogo's Star." Jairzinho started his football career at Flamengo but eventually found his way back to Botafogo, his childhood club.

Club Career

Jairzinho played for Botafogo from 1961 to 1974 and again in 1981. He scored 189 goals in 411 matches, making him the third-highest scorer in the club's history. In 1974, Jairzinho fulfilled his dream of playing in European football when he was bought by Marseille. However, his time in France turned out to be a bitter disappointment. He struggled to adapt, violated discipline, and quickly returned home. Marseille refused to terminate his contract, resulting in Jairzinho being unable to play for a year. After serving his suspension, he joined Cruzeiro.

International Career

Jairzinho represented the Brazilian national team from 1965 to 1976, playing in 87 matches and scoring 38 goals. He was part of the legendary squad that won the FIFA World Cup in 1970, where he scored 7 goals in 6 matches. Jairzinho's exceptional performance in the tournament earned him the nickname "Hurricane." He was also a participant in the 1966 and 1974 World Cups.


Jairzinho was known for his incredible speed, technical skills, and powerful shots. He was a versatile player who could play as a forward or winger. Jairzinho's partnership with legends like Garrincha, Didi, and Zico contributed to Botafogo's success in the 1960s. He played a crucial role in helping Brazil win the 1970 World Cup, scoring crucial goals and providing assists.

Despite his achievements, Jairzinho's international career was cut short due to changes in the criteria for counting appearances. He officially played 81 matches for the national team, but his actual contribution was much greater. In the 1990s, Jairzinho gained recognition for discovering the talent of Ronaldo, who went on to become one of the greatest footballers of all time.

Today, Jairzinho is remembered as a football legend and one of the greatest players in Brazilian history. His speed, skill, and contribution to the success of the Brazilian national team have made him an icon of the sport.