James Balsillie

James Balsillie

Canadian billionaire and co-owner of Research In Motion
Date of Birth: 03.02.1961
Country: Canada

  1. A Passion for Sports
  2. A Philanthropist at Heart
  3. Role at Research In Motion

James Balsillie: Canadian Billionaire and Co-owner of Research In Motion

James Balsillie, a Canadian billionaire and co-owner of the company "Research In Motion," was born on February 3, 1961, in Ontario. Although his family moved to a different area, Peterborough, soon after his birth, Balsillie grew up there. He pursued his education at the University of Toronto, where he obtained a Bachelor's degree in Science and Arts. Later, in 1989, he enrolled at Harvard University, where he was awarded an MBA degree.

A Passion for Sports

Throughout his life, Balsillie has had a deep passion for sports. He actively participated in various sports activities before, during, and after his studies. In Toronto, for example, he played hockey and golf. Currently, he continues to support his son's football and basketball teams. Sports have always been an integral part of Balsillie's life.

On October 5, 2006, Balsillie made a decision to acquire the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team. Subsequently, on May 23, 2007, it was announced that Balsillie had almost agreed to buy the Nashville Predators. These endeavors led to several complications, but they did not deter Balsillie from pursuing his sports-related interests.

A Philanthropist at Heart

Apart from being a dedicated sports enthusiast, Balsillie is also well-known for his philanthropic endeavors. In 2000, he donated ten million dollars from his personal funds to the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. In 2002, he established the Centre for International Governance Innovation, investing thirty million dollars from his personal wealth. More recently, in 2007, the billionaire contributed fifty million dollars to the University of Waterloo, as well as to other institutions such as Wilfrid Laurier University and the Centre for International Governance Innovation. Additionally, he made significant investments in the creation of the Balsillie School of International Affairs, a school of international relations.

Role at Research In Motion

Balsillie played a crucial role in Research In Motion (RIM), leading and coordinating the entire accounting process. However, the company recently announced numerous accounting errors, leading to Balsillie stepping down as the Chairman of Research In Motion (RIM) on March 5, 2007. He currently serves as an advisor and director for the company.