Janusz Jagucki

Janusz Jagucki

Bishop of the Lutheran Church and vice-president of the Polish Ecumenical Council.
Date of Birth: 14.02.1947
Country: Poland

Biography of Janusz Jagucki

Janusz Jagucki was born on February 14, 1947, in the town of Sorkwity, Poland. He spent his childhood in the small Polish town, where his father, Alfred Jagucki, held a ministerial position. As a result, Janusz received a proper education and good manners.

From a young age, Janusz was very religious, which led him to embark on the path of faith and become ordained as a priest. From 1965 to 1970, Jagucki studied theology at the Christian Academy of Theology in Warsaw. He excelled as one of the top students, demonstrating a deep understanding of complex church doctrines and possessing the necessary tolerance and humility.

In 1970, Janusz obtained a higher education degree after defending his dissertation on "The Church and Solitude". In November of the same year, he was appointed as a bishop in the small rural district of Góleszów. From 1973 to 1976, he served as a pastor in the city of Giżycko, and from 1975 to 1985, he held the position of chief preacher in the districts of Ełk and Suwałki.

In 1976, Jagucki became the bishop of Giżycko, where he began teaching religious lessons and collaborated with the organization "Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order". He also held a position in the Synod of the church.

Janusz Jagucki is married to Danuta de Ferrek, and they have a daughter named Katarina. In late September 2008, the leadership of the Lutheran Church of Poland suspected Jagucki of having close ties with communist intelligence agencies. The church committee managed to uncover several interesting facts from Janusz's life, which led to suspicions that he had secretly worked as an agent for the Polish security service for 17 years.

Janusz Jagucki made several public statements about his interactions with representatives of the intelligence agencies, which provided ample grounds for accusing the priest of illegal activities. The church took this matter seriously and put Jagucki's future within the Evangelical Church at great risk.

Since 2001, Janusz Jagucki has been the head of the Lutheran Church of Poland, which currently has more than 80,000 followers in the country.