Jean Dujardin

Jean Dujardin

French actor and comedian
Date of Birth: 19.06.1972
Country: France

  1. Biography of Jean Dujardin
  2. Early Life and Career
  3. Establishing Himself as a Comedic Actor in France
  4. International Success with "The Artist"
  5. Continuing Career in French and American Films
  6. Recent Projects and Future

Biography of Jean Dujardin

Jean Dujardin, a French actor and comedian, made history in the world of cinema as the first Frenchman to win an Oscar for Best Actor for the comedy film "The Artist" in 2011. This film is considered to be one of Dujardin's best works, and after its success, he did not have any truly high-profile projects in his career. However, rumors continue to circulate that Jean will appear in the action film "Transformers: The Last Knight", and if this information is confirmed, fans of the charismatic French actor will see (or hear) him in June 2017.

Jean Dujardin

Early Life and Career

Jean Dujardin was born on June 19, 1972, in the small town of Rueil-Malmaison, France. After finishing high school, he started working in his father Jacques Dujardin's construction company, and later went on to serve his mandatory military service. After the army, Jean earned a bachelor's degree in philosophy and fine arts, and began performing his own shows in various bars and cabarets in Paris.

Jean Dujardin

In 1996, Jean gained public recognition by participating in the French talent show "Graines de star". He joined the comedy group Nous Nous, which included other relatively unknown young actors such as Bruno Salomone, Eric Collado, Emmanuel Joucla, Eric Masso, Philippe Urbain, and Luke Antoni. Nous Nous achieved some success and later recorded their own album, but in 1999, Dujardin left the group to focus on his solo career.

Jean Dujardin

In the same year, he made his acting debut in the television series "The Guy and the Girl" where he played the lead role. The project ended in 2003, the same year Dujardin divorced his first wife Gaelle Dujardin, with whom he had two sons, Simon (born in 2000) and Julien (born in 2001), and started dating his co-star Alexandra Lamy.

Jean Dujardin

Establishing Himself as a Comedic Actor in France

Having gained fame on television, Jean realized it was time to move forward and began appearing in feature films. The films "If I Were a Rich Man" (2002) and "All the Girls Are Crazy" (2003), in which he starred simultaneously with "The Guy and the Girl", did not bring him fame. However, his next works, adventure comedies such as "Les Rois de la Brousse" (2003), "The Keys to the Car" (2003), "The Wedding" (2004), and "Brice de Nice" (2005), allowed him to establish himself as one of the best comedians in France.

Jean Dujardin

Although Jean was well-known in his homeland, few people outside France - especially in Hollywood - had heard of an actor named Dujardin. However, everything changed after the release of Michel Hazanavicius' comedy film "OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies" (2006) - a French parody of the famous British agent 007 James Bond films. The film became popular not only in France but also internationally, with Dujardin receiving a Cesar Award nomination. Hazanavicius presented a sequel to the film in 2009, titled "OSS 117: Lost in Rio". For the second installment, Dujardin received his first paycheck in US dollars, amounting to $2 million.

International Success with "The Artist"

In 2009, Jean formalized his relationship with Alexandra Lamy. He continued to appear in French films, now as a popular international actor, and in 2011, he had an incredible breakthrough in his career once again working with director Michel Hazanavicius. The film "The Artist" was released, shot in black and white in the style of classic 20th-century pictures. This retro approach captivated the global audience, and "The Artist" was nominated for many film awards, including the Cannes Film Festival, the Screen Actors Guild Award, the Cesar Award, the British Academy Film Award, the Golden Globe, and the Academy Awards. Jean Dujardin became the laureate of the Cannes Film Festival, the Screen Actors Guild Award, the British Academy Film Award, the Golden Globe, and the most prestigious award in the film industry - the Oscar. Dujardin became the first French actor in history to receive the coveted statuette for Best Actor.

Continuing Career in French and American Films

However, it cannot be said that the phenomenal international success of "The Artist" opened the doors to Hollywood for Dujardin. After Hazanavicius' hit, he appeared in the critically panned French comedy "A Stroke of Luck" (2011), the thriller "Möbius" (2013), and the comedy "9 Months Stretch" (2013), before making his Hollywood debut. His first American film was Martin Scorsese's comedy "The Wolf of Wall Street" (2013), in which Dujardin played a small role as French banker Jean-Jacques Saurel. In the same year, Jean divorced his wife Alexandra Lamy, with whom he had been together for 11 years.

Realizing that his successful career in Hollywood was not meant to be, at least in the near future, Jean returned to filming in French cinema. In 2014, the crime thriller "French Blood" was released, in which Dujardin once again demonstrated his ability to portray not only comedic but also dramatic characters. As of now, this film is his most recent serious work in his career.

Recent Projects and Future

On December 5, 2015, Jean's girlfriend, French figure skater Nathalie Péchalat, gave birth to their daughter, named Jeanne. In 2015, Dujardin played the lead role in the romantic comedy "One Man and His Cow", and a year later, he appeared in two films of his favorite genre - "Love at First Child" and "Up for Love". The latter is a sequel to the film "Brice de Nice" released in 2005 and, unlike the first part, was critically panned and will not be considered one of Dujardin's best acting works.

In 2017, two French films starring Dujardin, which do not yet have Russian titles - "Chacun sa vie et son intime conviction" and "Le petit joueur" - will be released. It is still unclear whether Jean will appear in the blockbuster "Transformers: The Last Knight", but fans of the actor can be satisfied with the fact that they will see their favorite actor on the big screen in various projects.