Joey Chestnut

Joey Chestnut

American professional eater
Date of Birth: 25.11.1983
Country: USA

  1. Short Biography of Joseph Chestnut
  2. Introduction
  3. Rise to Fame
  4. Championships and Rivalries
  5. World Records and Continued Success
  6. Legacy and Achievements

Short Biography of Joseph Chestnut


Joseph Chestnut, an American professional eater, is currently recognized as the world's best eater according to the International Federation of Competitive Eating. He was born in Vallejo, California and currently resides in San Jose, California. Standing at 1.8 meters tall and weighing 98.88 kilograms, Chestnut is known for his incredible talent and dedication to competitive eating.

Joey Chestnut

Rise to Fame

Chestnut first gained recognition as a professional eater while studying engineering at San Jose State University in 2005. In his first eating competition, he defeated the renowned local eater Rich LeFevre by consuming nearly 3 kilograms of fried asparagus in just 11.5 minutes. Soon after, Chestnut participated in the Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest, where he consumed 32 hot dogs and secured third place.

Joey Chestnut

Championships and Rivalries

Chestnut had a rivalry with Sonya Thomas, a prominent competitive eater, but managed to defeat her in the Waffle House World Waffle Eating Championship. However, Thomas later defeated Chestnut in a hamburger eating competition, before Chestnut emerged victorious in a rematch. In 2006, Chestnut qualified for the Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest by consuming 50 hot dogs. Although he was initially favored to win, he narrowly lost to Takeru Kobayashi by just one and three-quarters of a hot dog.

Joey Chestnut

World Records and Continued Success

Chestnut went on to set numerous world records in his career. In Wing Bowl XV, he consumed 182 chicken wings in just 30 minutes, setting a new record. He also defeated Kobayashi by three hot dogs in a rematch, marking Kobayashi's first defeat in six years. In 2008, Chestnut set two more world records by consuming 241 chicken wings in 30 minutes and 78 meatballs in a session.

Joey Chestnut

Legacy and Achievements

On the 4th of July, 2011, Chestnut won his fifth consecutive Nathan's Famous hot dog eating championship. However, his victory was slightly overshadowed by Kobayashi, who could not participate in the competition but managed to eat 69 hot dogs compared to Chestnut's 62. Despite the challenges and rivalries, Chestnut remains one of the most accomplished and respected competitive eaters of his generation.