Johanna Lindsey

Johanna Lindsey

Date of Birth: 10.03.1952
Country: Germany

Biography of Johanna Lindsey

Johanna Lindsey is one of the most successful writers in the genre of historical romance novels. Since the release of her debut book in 1977, all of her works have been bestsellers, often topping the charts for decades. Fans of Johanna Lindsey speak of the enchanting world of fantasy that unfolds from the pages of her beloved novels, her courageous heroes, and gentle noble heroines who overcome the harshest twists of fate, as well as the beautifully written love scenes.

Johanna Lindsey

Johanna Lindsey is considered one of the senior authors in the genre of "women's" romance novels. She was born on March 10, 1952, in Frankfurt, where her father, Edwin Dennis Howard, served in the United States Armed Forces. Like many children of servicemen, Joanna's childhood was marked by constant moves. In 1964, her father passed away, and she and her mother settled in Hawaii, where her late father had dreamed of living after retirement.

In 1970, before finishing school, Joanna married Ralph Lindsey, and eventually became a happy mother to three children. The beginning of her creative biography is typical for many romance writers - one fine day, Joanna decided to take a break from her domestic obligations and write a book. As the writer herself says, this decision was spontaneous, and she wrote the book "on a whim," simply for her own pleasure. However, her novel "Captive Bride," published in 1977 by Avon Books, became a bestseller. Johanna Lindsey realized she had found her calling.

Currently, she is the author of 50 novels, translated into 12 languages, with a total circulation of more than 60 million copies. The settings of her works span various historical epochs - from the time of the Vikings to the early Middle Ages and the recent past. Among her books are westerns and even several paranormal fantasies, featuring characters from different backgrounds, including Russian aristocrats.

However, the Regency era serves as the favorite historical period for the author, which is the backdrop for one of her most popular series, the "Malory Family." Lindsey has been nominated for the Romantic Times Magazine Award nine times, winning twice. Her latest work, "One Heart to Win," was published in 2013, and another book in the "Malory" saga, titled "Stormy Persuasion," is scheduled for release in 2014.

Almost all of Johanna Lindsey's novels, except for the latest ones, have been published in Russian by AST and OLMA-Press, as well as in electronic versions. According to fans of her work, her novels are read in one breath, leaving a feeling of warmth that often prompts readers to pick up another novel. Each reader has their own favorite book, but Lindsey's highest-rated novel to date is "Angel" - an adventurous, romantic, and somewhat humorous book about a Texas gunslinger and his gentle beloved. It is the third book in the "Wyoming Western" series.

Other popular novels include "Wild Hearts" from the "Straton Family Saga" and "Hearts Aflame," which is part of the Viking series. It can be said that the largest series of Johanna Lindsey's novels, set in the Regency era, the "Malory" series, captures the greatest interest from readers. Lindsey herself considers it her favorite. The entire family saga has been translated into Russian. The highest ratings and positive reviews were received by the book "Love Only Once" from this series. The plot of this work is very unusual and tells the story of a London pickpocket who manages to become the wife of a lord. Other works in the "Malory" series, such as "Gentle Rogue" and "Magic of Love," which is an original take on the story of taming a wayward character, also received good ratings.

As Johanna Lindsey herself admits, the best thing in life is to give love, while the hardest thing is to lose loved ones. She not only lost her father in childhood but also became a widow at a young age, and did not remarry. Currently, the writer resides in her own home in the state of Maine. Her children have long grown up, and she proudly carries the title of grandmother. Johanna's favorite pastime is reading romance novels, including those she has written herself. Occasionally, she reminisces about her childhood passion for painting and enjoys interacting with readers on her own website.