John Dorrance III

John Dorrance III

Owner of Campbell Soup Company.
Country: Ireland

  1. Biography of John Dorrance III
  2. Early Life and Residence
  3. Campbell Soup Company
  4. Current Wealth and Ranking

Biography of John Dorrance III

John Dorrance III, the owner of Campbell Soup Company, owes his luxurious life to his grandfather, John Thompson Dorrance, whose main invention was instant soup. The family company, Campbell Soup Company, is one of the most successful businesses of its time in the United States. In 1989, John Dorrance inherited a massive multibillion-dollar fortune.

Early Life and Residence

John Dorrance III was born in 1944 and currently resides in Dublin, Ireland. Although he is a native American, he has chosen to live in his ancestral homeland. He once made a $1 million donation for the reforestation of Ireland and, in return, was offered Irish citizenship. Some economic analysts speculate that he moved to Ireland to avoid paying numerous debts. Currently, John Dorrance prefers to spend six months in his luxurious mansion in Dublin and the rest of his time in the Bahamas.

Campbell Soup Company

Campbell Soup Company was founded in 1869 by Joseph Campbell and Abraham Anderson. Initially, the company focused on producing canned vegetables and fruits, various seasonings, ground meat, and other food products. However, in 1879, a young John Dorrance, the nephew of the company's president, Arthur Dorrance, made a tremendous breakthrough in the food industry. He invented a concentrate that could be used to prepare soups quickly. This invention provided several advantages over other food products. Instant soups significantly reduced packaging, transportation, and storage costs. As a result, the company was renamed "Campbell Soup Company." Over time, the company gained widespread popularity throughout America, and its products were loved by almost all residents of the country. Campbell Soup Company's advertisements can be seen on trams, in stores, and at bus stops. The company is also present beyond America's borders, with branches in many European countries, Asia, and Russia.

Current Wealth and Ranking

Currently, John Dorrance's net worth has reached approximately $2.6 billion. According to Forbes magazine's 2007 ranking, he occupies the 349th place among the world's richest individuals.