John Draper

John Draper

One of the first hackers in the history of the computer world.
Country: USA

  1. Biography of John Draper - The Legendary Hacker
  2. Contributions and Achievements
  3. Conclusion

Biography of John Draper - The Legendary Hacker

John Draper, also known as Cap'n Crunch, is widely recognized as one of the first hackers in the history of the computer world. His journey into the world of hacking began in a rather unconventional way. One day, he learned from a friend that a toy whistle found in a box of Cap'n Crunch cereal emitted a tone similar to the access signal used in long-distance telephone networks. After conducting further tests, Draper confirmed that the frequency of the toy whistle indeed matched that of the telephone network signal. Soon, he devised an efficient method to make free phone calls. He would dial a long-distance number and while the dialing was in progress, he would blow into the whistle. The whistle's signal would align with the telephone network's signal, indicating to the system that Draper had hung up. Consequently, the line would be considered free, and any subsequent actions taken by the telephone system would go unnoticed.

After a few experiments, John, along with his friends Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, developed a device called the "Blue Box," which could simulate telephone network sounds and enable them to make free phone calls.

Contributions and Achievements

Aside from pioneering the field of phone phreaking, John Draper is renowned as the author of the first text editor for the IBM PC, making significant contributions to the world of computing. Currently, he leads his own company specializing in the development of spam protection systems, defense against hacker attacks, and ensuring the security of personal computers.

Draper is a prominent figure among leading researchers in the field of information security. He has designed the Crunchbox software suite, which provides comprehensive protection against network attacks.


John Draper, also known as Cap'n Crunch, is a true pioneer and legend in the world of hacking and computer technology. From his humble beginnings as a phone phreaker, he has gone on to make significant contributions to the field of computing and information security. His innovative ideas and inventions continue to shape the industry, making him a respected figure and an inspiration for aspiring hackers and computer enthusiasts worldwide.