John Justin Bunting

John Justin Bunting

Australian serial killer
Date of Birth: 04.09.1966
Country: Australia

Biography of John Justin Bunting

John Justin Bunting, an Australian serial killer, was born in 1966 in the suburbs of Brisbane, Australia. From a young age, he harbored a strong dislike for homosexuals and pedophiles, which only intensified as he grew older. It was during one of his moves to a new city that Bunting met Robert Wagner, who would become his main accomplice in the crimes to come. At the time, Wagner was living nearby with his friend Clinton Trezise.

In August 1992, Bunting called Trezise and asked to meet for a personal conversation. Within minutes, Bunting had a shovel in his hands, which he would use to commit the murder. The police only discovered the victim's remains, buried in a nearby cemetery, two years later. This murder gained significant attention in Australia, with the police's inability to find the body and the media's criticism of their incompetence. The case even had two episodes dedicated to it on the show 'Australia's Most Wanted', which Bunting watched with pride, stating, "That's my work."

James Vlassakis, Bunting's foster son, eventually assisted the police in solving the numerous murders. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Harvey, Bunting's lover, was a loyal accomplice in all their crimes. Ray Davies, a mentally disabled man living near Salisbury, became the gang's third victim. Rumors circulated that he was a pedophile who preyed on his grandchildren. Davies was not reported as missing, and it was only after the arrest of the killers that his body, buried in Bunting's former backyard, was discovered.

Michael Gardiner, a homosexual who lived near Bunting, became the gang's fourth victim. Wagner disliked Gardiner for openly expressing his sexual preferences. Instead of burying Gardiner's body, the killers placed it in a metal drum, cutting off one of his legs to close the lid. Wagner chose their next victim, Barry Lane, a former homosexual friend. Bunting described him as a "dirty pedophile." On the day of the murder, Bunting forced Lane to call his mother and tell her he was moving away and wanted nothing to do with her. Lane was last seen alive in October 1997, and his body was also placed in a drum.

Thomas Trevillian was killed shortly after Lane. According to Bunting, Trevillian assisted in Lane's murder but later started talking too much about it, forcing them to eliminate him. Unlike the other victims, Trevillian was hanged, and the police did not suspect another serial killer. Gavin Porter, Vlassakis' friend from Victoria, came to town and stayed with James' family. Learning that Porter was a drug addict, Bunting declared that such "trash" did not deserve to live. Together with Wagner, they killed Porter while he slept in his car. His body was placed in a drum and sealed.

Over the next few years, Bunting, Wagner, and Vlassakis continued to kill and torture people, enjoying the fact that the police were nowhere near solving the murders. Elizabeth Haydon became the gang's penultimate victim and the only woman killed by Bunting. It was known that her husband had assisted the gang in several murders, but when he confessed this to his wife, she threatened to report everything to the police. In a foolish move, he mentioned this to Bunting, effectively sealing his wife's fate.

The final victim of the killers was David Johnson, Vlassakis' relative. Bunting inexplicably disliked Johnson from the moment they met, and it soon became apparent that he would be the next victim. In an attempt to gain access to Johnson's bank account, they tortured him until he revealed his PIN code and recorded his voice. However, all their attempts to bypass the security proved futile. Bunting and the gang dismembered Johnson's body, later revealing acts of cannibalism. A neighbor reported seeing several men unloading large drums into an abandoned bank building. In the basement, they discovered barrels filled with dismembered remains. Neither Bunting nor Wagner wanted to cooperate with the investigation, but during the first interrogation, 19-year-old James Vlassakis provided testimony, revealing all the victims and showing the locations where their bodies were buried.

In 2002, John Bunting was found guilty of 11 murders and sentenced to 11 life terms without the possibility of parole.