English drum and bass DJ and producer
Date of Birth: 13.10.1963
Country: USA

Biography of Kemistry

Valerie Olukemi A 'Kemi' Olusanya, better known by her stage name Kemistry, was born on October 13, 1963, in Birmingham, England. After attending college in Northampton, located in the east-central part of the United Kingdom, Valerie pursued a career as a makeup artist before venturing into DJing in the early 1990s.


She became a prominent figure in the drum and bass scene in the early 1970s and also produced several records for the label 'Metalheadz'. Kemistry played a pivotal role in promoting various artists, including Clifford Joseph Price, known as Goldie, and introduced him to the drum and bass scene.

Kemistry formed the DJ duo 'Kemistry & Storm' with her friend when they both ended up in London. The duo spent two and a half years on the 'Metalheadz' label, assisting Goldie. Kemistry later left the label and released a remix album titled 'DJ-Kicks: Kemistry & Storm' on behalf of the duo. The release was hailed as an album that paved the way for other young female DJs.

Tragically, on the night of April 25, 1999, Olukemi lost her life in a road accident. She was traveling in a car on the M3 motorway in Hampshire when a reflector casing, dislodged by a van, struck the windshield of the vehicle she was a passenger in, hitting her in the face. Kemistry died on the spot. The incident was deemed accidental by the investigating officer. The safety of reflectors was brought to the attention of the House of Lords following this incident, leading to an investigation by the Highway Agency into the long-term integrity and effectiveness of different types of reflector buttons.