Kenichi Ito

Kenichi Ito

Japanese four-legged runner
Country: Japan

  1. Japanese quadruped runner
  2. The secret to his speed
  3. Achieving the record

Japanese quadruped runner

Kenichi Ito is a Japanese quadruped runner and the Guinness World Record holder for running on all fours among humans. While running is a common and understandable sport, most runners compete on two legs. Running on all fours is an incredibly challenging feat for a human, as any animal would have a significant advantage. However, Kenichi Ito has set himself apart in this highly unusual sport, as confirmed by the representatives of the Guinness World Records.

Kenichi Ito

The secret to his speed

Kenichi Ito drew inspiration for his fast running technique from our closest relatives in the animal kingdom - monkeys. Since childhood, Kenichi has always resembled a monkey, which made him the target of mockery from his peers. Nevertheless, he managed to turn this weakness into strength. Observing how quickly monkeys can move when necessary, Kenichi decided to master their running technique. He chose a specific type of monkey to emulate - African red-bellied monkeys. Although it took him a significant amount of time and effort to train, Kenichi achieved astonishing results.

Kenichi Ito

Achieving the record

On November 13, 2008, Kenichi successfully completed the 100-meter dash in 18.58 seconds. This accomplishment catapulted him to an unusual but worldwide fame. He remembers exactly who he owes his record to and even poses for local reporters in front of a poster featuring a chimpanzee. During his preparation for the record attempt, finding a suitable place for training became one of the main challenges. Running on the streets was difficult as his strange figure, moving at incredible speed on all fours, attracted the attention of the police. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble with law enforcement, Kenichi retreated to the mountains for a month of training. There, he faced minimal distractions. Only once did he come close to being shot, as a hunter mistook him for a wild animal. Fortunately, fate was on Kenichi's side that day.

Overall, Kenichi Ito's pursuit of running on all fours has brought him both recognition and a unique place in sports history. Despite the unconventional nature of his achievements, his dedication and ability to transform his weaknesses into strengths have made him a remarkable athlete.