Kerry Trotter

Kerry Trotter

Mother of four, former BBW
Country: Great Britain

  1. Mother of Four, Former Overweight
  2. A New Challenge
  3. The Journey to Weight Gain
  4. A Step Towards Change
  5. Continuing the Journey
  6. Results and Newfound Confidence

Mother of Four, Former Overweight

Kerry Trotter, a mother of four children, has undergone an incredible transformation over the past three years. She managed to lose a staggering 100 kilograms, but unfortunately, she still has 12 kilograms of excess skin left to shed. Trotter realized one day that she needed to make a drastic change in her life. Her unhealthy eating habits and constant snacking had caused her weight to balloon to 171 kilograms. She underwent gastric bypass surgery, which helped her lose 101 kilograms in just three years.

Kerry Trotter

A New Challenge

However, Trotter now faces a new challenge - the excess skin that hangs from her body. Unfortunately, getting rid of this excess skin has proven to be quite difficult as she is unable to find the necessary funds for the operation. Trotter believes that the complex medical system in the country, particularly the postcode lottery, is to blame. This system distributes funds based on postal codes rather than local geographical realities. Some of Trotter's friends have been able to obtain the funds for similar surgeries without any problems, but for her, it has been a struggle.

Kerry Trotter

The Journey to Weight Gain

Trotter's weight gain began with her first pregnancy. Unhealthy habits and poor nutrition exacerbated the situation. She realized the error of her ways when she could not fit into the largest pair of jeans in a local store. By that time, Trotter had difficulty climbing stairs and walking from one end of the street to the other. None of her four children could even give her a proper hug due to her excessive weight.

A Step Towards Change

In 2009, Kerry Trotter sought medical help. She was initially prescribed weight loss pills and appetite suppressants, but they did not provide much benefit. Soon after, her doctor recommended gastric bypass surgery. However, before receiving permission for the operation, Trotter had to prove her commitment by losing at least some of the excess weight through standard methods. She joined a local branch of the "Slimming World" project and managed to shed 25 kilograms. This demonstration of determination was enough for the doctors, and Trotter was granted permission for the surgery.

Continuing the Journey

Even after the successful gastric bypass surgery, Trotter did not stop her weight loss journey. She continued to support and motivate others who were also trying to lose weight. This helped her maintain her desired shape and prevented her from relapsing, which often happens to people who are trying to lose weight. While the reduced stomach size played a role, it was just an additional tool in Trotter's fight against excess weight.

Results and Newfound Confidence

Trotter achieved her goal and not only obtained a healthier body but also gained an unexpected and powerful belief in herself. Feeling light was incredibly pleasant, and buying new clothes brought her immense joy. She was able to return to the sizes she wore as a 16-year-old girl. Unfortunately, Trotter is unable to fully enjoy the benefits of her new wardrobe as the excess skin protrudes from under her clothes, forcing her to wear loose-fitting suits. Now, Trotter's dream is to finally have the opportunity to take the final step towards her ideal figure and get rid of the remaining 12 kilograms of unwanted skin.