Konstantin Cooperveis

Konstantin Cooperveis

Husband of Lyudmila Gurchenko, her accompanist, musician
Country: Russia

  1. Biography of Konstantin Kuperveis
  2. Childhood and Youth
  3. Personal Life and Career
  4. Marriage to Natalya
  5. Konstantin Kuperveis Today

Biography of Konstantin Kuperveis

Konstantin Kuperveis, a talented pianist and composer, is known primarily as the fifth husband of Lyudmila Gurchenko. Despite the derogatory epithets that the actress bestowed upon him in her memoirs, Kuperveis remembers his late wife with warmth and tenderness.

Childhood and Youth

Konstantin Kuperveis, whom Lyudmila Markovna said was sent to her by God to replace her deceased father, was born on July 30, 1949. By a twist of fate, Konstantin was born in the same industrial and scientific center of the Ukrainian SSR – Kharkiv – as the actress who played the lead roles in the films "Carnival Night" and "A Railway Station for Two". However, there was a 14-year age difference between the spouses.

Kuperveis' father, Tobiyash Davidovich, grew up in an Orthodox Jewish family. His nationality is evident not only from his name, which is derived from the Tanakh hero Tobiyahu, but also from the title of his book, "The Confession of an Old Jew".

Konstantin Tobiyashevich claims that his father's biography resembles the life of the main character in Roman Polanski's film "The Pianist". All of Tobiyash's relatives perished in Treblinka. Kuperveis' parents were professional musicians and would often be away on tour for months. His upbringing was primarily taken care of by his grandmother. The elderly woman insisted that her grandson pursue the profession of his parents. Konstantin only enjoyed his music lessons at the conservatory, which he attended after completing his service in the tank forces.

Personal Life and Career

After receiving his higher education in music, Konstantin moved to Moscow with his parents. Upon the invitation of Eduard Mashkovich, a former Kharkiv resident, Kuperveis became the conductor of an orchestra.

In his youth, Kuperveis was briefly married, but he and his first wife Tatiana quickly divorced. Civil marriage with Lyudmila Gurchenko

Konstantin and Lyudmila Markovna met in the summer of 1973 during a rehearsal for the concert "Comrade Cinema Sings". During the break, the actress approached the young accompanist and thanked him for his excellent piano playing. Gurchenko and Kuperveis started talking. The pianist told Lyudmila about Andrew Lloyd Webber's rock opera "Jesus Christ Superstar" and the next day presented her with a reel-to-reel tape recording of a foreign music novelty. As a thank you, Gurchenko invited the pianist to a press bar at a film festival.

This was followed by a walk through Moscow at night, during which Konstantin invited the actress to visit him for his upcoming birthday. Surprisingly, Lyudmila Markovna agreed and soon arrived at the pianist's apartment in Lyublino, where his parents also lived.

Although Gurchenko was very fond of Kuperveis, he, being young and inexperienced, failed to accompany her home. For the next 10 years, Lyudmila Markovna reproached Konstantin for this mistake.

Despite the offense, the actress called the accompanist and invited him to see the dubbing of the film "Vanyushin's Children". After the dubbing, Lyudmila invited Kostya to her home for "a cup of coffee". Thus began a romance that lasted almost 20 years.

Kuperveis' parents disapproved of his relationship with Gurchenko. His father told Konstantin that Lyudmila would turn him into a rabbit and then eat him. Gurchenko told the pianist that they would not register their marriage (supposedly because there was no room left in her passport for stamps) and she had no intention of having children.

Gurchenko's family members, including her mother Elena Alexandrovna (Lelya) and daughter Maria Koroleva, grew to love Kuperveis. Although Konstantin was only 10 years older than Maria, she soon began calling him father. The bearded pianist attended parent-teacher meetings, hid his "daughter's" bad grades and pranks from Lyudmila Markovna. When the stepdaughter grew up, Konstantin Tobiyashevich walked her down the aisle and welcomed her home from the maternity hospital, as captured in a photograph.

Regarding his family life with Gurchenko, Kuperveis, who became her accompanist, producer, and secretary, later wrote the book "Golden Years". Thanks to a reliable support system in the form of Konstantin, Lyudmila Markovna appeared in her best films from 1973 to 1991, including "Old Walls", "Straw Hat", "Twenty Days Without War", "The Beloved Woman of Mechanic Gavrilov", and many other beloved films.

Like most talented individuals, Gurchenko had a difficult personality. According to her friend Tatyana Bestayeva, Lyudmila demanded not only adoration and obedience from those around her but also complete absorption in her personality.

The actress was jealous of her young husband, although, according to Konstantin, he never cheated on her and never gave her reason to suspect infidelity. Gurchenko's fourth husband, Iosif Kobzon, often expressed his surprise in interviews about how the pianist managed to stay by the actress's side for so many years.

Over time, Lyudmila Markovna became a "star" and stopped introducing her accompanist-husband during their joint concerts starting from 1985. At the same time, Gurchenko forbade Kuperveis from accompanying other performers, with the exception of Maya Kristalinskaya.

When their relationship had run its course, Konstantin Tobiyashevich returned to the same Khrushchev-era apartment in Lyublino where his parents continued to live. For a while, Kuperveis abandoned his music career and made a living through shuttle trade.

Kuperveis learned about his former lover's death from the media. Gurchenko's relatives did not deem it necessary to invite the person who had lived with the star of the film "Carnival Night" for so many years to her funeral.

In November 2020, Lyudmila Gurchenko would have turned 85 years old. Due to the anniversary of the People's Artist, the media showed interest in her life partner. The newspaper "Evreiskaya Panorama" published an interview titled "Konstantin Kuperveis: 20 Years with a Star". Gurchenko's fifth husband appeared as a guest on Boris Korchnevnikov's program "The Fate of a Man".

Marriage to Natalya

Once, Konstantin went to "Stol Zakazov," the store he used to visit during his time with Lyudmila Markovna, to buy groceries. Soon after, he started dating Natalya, the store's director. Kuperveis made such an impression on her that she left her first husband for him.

In 2016, Konstantin and his wife Natalya, who brought peace and care into his life, obtained Israeli citizenship. Currently, the couple spends winters in the Middle Eastern country and summers in Moscow, as Kuperveis does not tolerate heat well. The musician has formed a creative partnership with actress and singer Irina Miroshnichenko.

Konstantin Kuperveis Today

Today, Konstantin Tobiyashevich leads a private life. However, his name frequently appears in the media. For example, Gurchenko's granddaughter Elena Koroleva, who intrigued the public with news of her pregnancy in 2022, often mentioned her grandfather in interviews.

According to Koroleva, he was a very caring person who treated her with love. And also, selfless, as he came into this family with nothing and left "empty-handed".