Larisa Krivtsova

Larisa Krivtsova

TV presenter
Date of Birth: 01.01.1949
Country: Russia

  1. "The Big Laundry" in Israel
  2. Choosing Filming Locations
  3. Themes of the Program
  4. Standout Host
  5. Interest in Israel
  6. Dedication and Family
  7. Path to Television
  8. Thoughts on Immigration
  9. Reflection on the Soviet Union
  10. From a Provincial Girl to Television Success

Larisa Krivtsova - A Soviet and Russian Journalist and Television Host

Larisa Krivtsova is a Soviet and Russian journalist, producer, director, media manager, and former television host. With her golden curly hair and bright blue eyes, Krivtsova is not only a news announcer but also the only woman on Channel One to rise to the position of director. Her role is the General Director of Morning and Daytime Broadcasting Programs, which includes the special project "The Big Laundry."

During the celebration of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, Larisa Krivtsova was honored with the "For the Glory of Russia" award, alongside prominent figures such as Vladimir Putin, Patriarch Alexy II, Galina Vishnevskaya, Mstislav Rostropovich, Valery Gergiev, and Kirill Lavrov.

"The Big Laundry" in Israel

In August, Israel awaits the arrival of the main Russian "laundryman," Andrey Malakhov, for the filming of the show "The Big Laundry." The team from Channel One, including the charming host of the program "Good Morning," Larisa Krivtsova, will be joining him. This will be their first international project, made possible with the support of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. The team will shoot five episodes of the program, which aims to attract Russian tourists to Israel.

Choosing Filming Locations

Krivtsova and her team have explored various locations throughout Israel to find the perfect spots for filming. They were looking for places that not only provide comfort but also symbolize Israel. The iconic Tower of David in Jerusalem was chosen as one of the locations, representing the blend of history and modernity. Another location selected was the Dead Sea, where the picturesque view of people covered in mud floating on the surface of the sea showcases a unique experience that can only be found in Israel.

Themes of the Program

The program will cover various topics that connect Israel and Russia. One of the episodes is titled "I Have Two Homes - Russia and Israel," exploring the lives of Russian immigrants in Israel. Another episode focuses on the success stories of Russian immigrants who have achieved great things in their new country. The team also plans to showcase unique aspects of Israel that cannot be found anywhere else.

Standout Host

Although the program involves a team effort, the success of a show often relies on its host. Andrey Malakhov has become the face of "The Big Laundry," but Krivtsova believes that the success of the program is a result of the collective effort of the whole team. Each team has its own style, and before the show airs, Krivtsova can identify which team produced it simply by watching the material.

Interest in Israel

Krivtsova believes that there is genuine interest among Russian television viewers in the problems faced by their fellow countrymen who have emigrated to Israel. Many Russian Jews have assimilated into Russian society, resulting in no antagonism between the two nationalities. However, there are still many people in Russia who aspire to be Russian but are not, creating a sense of national struggle that the program aims to address.

Dedication and Family

Working on a daily television show leaves little time for personal matters. However, Krivtsova manages to balance her career and family life. She is a mother of three, with one son studying in an Austrian college and another planning to pursue a career in journalism. Her daughter has already completed two degrees at Moscow State University and is currently working in China.

Path to Television

Krivtsova's journey in television was filled with ups and downs. She believes that if you truly desire something, you will achieve it. When she first arrived in Moscow, she married her childhood love, who had no connections in the television industry to help her find a job. Despite facing initial rejections, she persisted and eventually landed her first job after impressing the team with her work.

Thoughts on Immigration

Krivtsova has traveled the world and is always fascinated by the experiences of Russian immigrants in different countries. She believes that when Russian individuals immigrate, they should fully integrate into their new country and become active members of society. She emphasizes the importance of learning the language and culture of the country they now call home.

Reflection on the Soviet Union

When asked about her thoughts on the collapse of the Soviet Union, Krivtsova admits that she regrets the loss of the vast country and the connections she had with people. She quotes Russian President Vladimir Putin, who stated that anyone who doesn't regret the dissolution of the Soviet Union has no heart, and anyone who wants to recreate it has no head.

From a Provincial Girl to Television Success

Krivtsova hails from Yaroslavl province and obtained her education at Yaroslavl Pedagogical Institute and a theater school. Her television career began with persistence and showcasing her talent to the right people. Despite facing initial obstacles, she eventually found success in the television industry. She firmly believes that if you want something, you can achieve it.