Lena Lenskaya

Lena Lenskaya

Designer, wife of Sarukhanov
Country: Russia

Biography of Lena Lenskaya

Lena Lenskaya is a renowned fashion designer known for her keen sense of color, fabric texture, and silhouette. She has captivated the attention of fashion experts and enthusiasts alike with her stylish collections. Graduating from Kiev State University, Moscow Open University, and the Academy of Design, Lenskaya made her debut in the fashion world in 1996. She presented her first collection at the Kremlin as part of the international project "Intersharm." Her exclusive designer collection made from leather garnered attention for its bold youthful cuts, spontaneous authenticity, and enchanting feminine sensibility.

In 2004, Lenskaya established the Fashion House "Lenskaya Feather." The brand's collections have become an integral part of Moscow Fashion Week and have been showcased at Fashion Salons in Paris, New York, and Monte Carlo. They have received high praise from influential publications such as Vogue (New York), Vogue and Glamour (London), and many others. Lenskaya has also served as an expert and jury member for various international fashion projects, including the International Couturier of the Year competition, Style.UZ Design and Fashion Week, the international television project "Go West!", and the popular reality show "Making a Band" on MTV Russia.

In November 2006, Lenskaya presented a collection of sportswear for beach soccer called "Beach Soccer." In 2007, she collaborated with the company "RUSSREGION" to create the Design Bureau "Lenskaya Feather," which specializes in developing designer projects for luxury housing and exclusive car salon tuning.

Lenskaya actively participates in various charitable projects and has designed unique items for auctions such as the "Spring Charity Auction for Children" and "Designers of Moscow Fashion Week with AVON against breast cancer." Russian pop star Angelica Varum serves as the muse for the Fashion House "Lenskaya Feather."

Lena Lenskaya has also designed stage costumes for many popular artists. Regular clients of her Fashion House include Leonid Agutin, Vladimir and Elena Presnyakov, Alexander Marshal, Vladimir Presnyakov Jr., Andrey Sapunov, Katya Lel, Grigory Leps, Irina Dubtsova, Danko, Sergey Zverev, Alla Duhova, Yana Poplavskaya, and Alexandra Buratayeva. The brand "Lenskaya Feather" collaborates with top Russian directors and music video producers such as Fedor Bondarchuk, Alexander Solokh, Dean Makhmutdinov, and Sergey Ginzburg.

For several years, Lena Lenskaya served as a producer and host of the television program "Together" on the channel "Russia." She quickly gained the title of a successful designer by staying in tune with the times.

Lenskaya's main collections primarily consist of fur, silk, and exotic leather garments. This unique combination carries an incredible emotional charge and has become the signature style of one of the most famous designers of Moscow Fashion Week.