Levi Kreis

Levi Kreis

American vocalist, pianist and actor.
Country: USA

  1. Levi Kreis: Biography of an American Vocalist, Pianist, and Actor
  2. A Transition to Artistry
  3. Acclaim and Success
  4. A Diverse Career
  5. A Passion for Acting

Levi Kreis: Biography of an American Vocalist, Pianist, and Actor

Levi Kreis is an American vocalist, pianist, and actor hailing from Oliver Springs, Tennessee. With his new release, 'Where I Belong', he has garnered worldwide recognition and caught the attention of numerous radio and television stations. The harmonious album's popular songs have propelled Kreis to headlining status and earned him positive reviews from an army of critics.

Levi Kreis

A Transition to Artistry

Kreis, known for his heartfelt and sincere performances, sings about his personal life experiences, which have connected him with a sea of devoted fans. Reflecting on his latest release, Kreis states, "For me, this project marked a transition from being just a singer-songwriter to becoming an artist."

Levi Kreis

Acclaim and Success

The release of 'Where I Belong' received high praise from Larry Flick of Sirius Radio, who described it as a quality album comparable to the works of Dave Matthews, Maroon 5, Matt Kearney, and Colbie Caillat. As the album gained traction, Kreis released a music video for the song 'Hardly A Hero', which became the soundtrack for the dramedy film 'Kiss the Bride' starring Tori Spelling.

Levi Kreis

Continuing his ascent to fame, Kreis captivated critics with his portrayal of Jerry Lee Lewis in the rock 'n' roll musical 'Million Dollar Quartet'. This thrilling experience as an actor-singer did not go unnoticed, as the Chicago Tribune recognized Kreis' performance as the "Best Theatrical Moment of 2008". In 2009, he was nominated for the Jeff Awards in the category of "Best Supporting Actor" and a year later, he received a Tony Award after 'Million Dollar Quartet' moved to Broadway in the spring of 2010.

A Diverse Career

Kreis' musical journey began with the release of his debut album, 'One of the Ones', in 2005. Prior to this, he participated in the reality show 'The Apprentice' with Donald Trump. Songs from his album found their way into television series such as 'Days of Our Lives' and 'The Young and the Restless', gaining significant airplay and visibility.

His second album, 'The Gospel According To Levi', featured the single 'We're Okay', which reached number one on Logo channel's list of top music videos for nine consecutive weeks. From 2006 to 2007, Kreis performed in over 300 shows, sharing the stage with Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, Snoop Dogg, and the band Collective Soul. He even had the opportunity to open for Cindy Lauper.

A Passion for Acting

In a surprising turn of events, Kreis discovered a love for acting. He starred in the award-winning independent film 'Don't Let Go' and went on to appear in several short films. His talent caught the attention of director Bill Paxton, who cast him in the 2001 film 'Frailty', alongside Matthew McConaughey.

In 2009 and 2010, Kreis released new music videos for the single 'Nothing At All', which was featured in the television series 'Sons of Anarchy'. He also released a remix album of his popular single 'Gonna Be Alright'.

Levi Kreis continues to captivate audiences with his powerful vocals, exceptional piano skills, and compelling performances on both the stage and screen. With his diverse talents and unwavering passion, he is sure to leave a lasting impact in the world of music and acting.