Liese Healing

Liese Healing

Bitanka, former cancer patient
Country: Great Britain

  1. Biography of Liz Hiling
  2. A Fighter's Determination
  3. A New Jaw
  4. Overcoming Difficulties
  5. An Extraordinary Journey

Biography of Liz Hiling

Liz Hiling is a 49-year-old British woman and a mother of two. In July of last year, she received a devastating diagnosis - bone cancer. The tumor had settled in her jaw, causing severe pain and tooth loss. To her horror, the doctors informed her that it was not a simple case of tooth decay, but a much more serious condition.

Liese Healing

A Fighter's Determination

This was not Liz's first battle with cancer. In 2005, she had to confront ovarian cancer. However, she refused to give up and decided to fight until the end once again. While some may have considered successful removal of the infected tissue enough, Liz wanted to regain her jaw.

A New Jaw

A titanium alloy prosthesis was specially crafted for Liz, a material that her body was less likely to reject. The structure resembled a bicycle chain, which was attached to the remaining jawbone using screws. Tissues taken from Liz's arm were used to replace the ones removed during the previous operation, and tissues from her abdomen were transplanted to her arm. The entire jaw reconstruction surgery took approximately 12 hours.

Overcoming Difficulties

After the surgery, Liz had to relearn how to speak and eat. The new jaw caused some discomfort initially, but she was prepared for the challenges. Eventually, she adapted to her new body part, completed courses of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and is now officially declared cancer-free. Liz greets this happy news with a natural smile.

An Extraordinary Journey

The doctors who led Liz's operation admit that her story is far from ordinary. Jaw cancer remains a cunning disease, with its symptoms often difficult to recognize, and many people refuse to believe that it can take hold in their bodies. However, Liz not only defeated the disease but also effectively eliminated all its consequences. She serves as a living example that success in the fight against cancer depends not only on the talent of oncologists but also on the mindset of the patient.