Liya Eliava

Liya Eliava

Date of Birth: 28.05.1934
Country: Georgia

  1. Biography of Lia Eliava
  2. Acting Career
  3. Awards and Recognition
  4. Personal Life

Biography of Lia Eliava

Lia Eliava was a Georgian actress and a Merited Artist of the Georgian SSR. She was born in Tbilisi and graduated from the State Institute of Theatre Arts in 1955. Eliava began her acting career at the K. Mardjanishvili State Academic Theatre and later moved to the Sh. Rustaveli Academic Theatre.

Acting Career

During her career, Lia Eliava appeared in various films and theater productions. Some of her notable film credits include "Shadow on the Road" (1956), "Bashi-Achuk" (1957), "The Mameluke" (1959), "The Interrupted Song" (1960), "Son of Iriston" (1960), "Accident on the Dam" (1961), "Burning Fires" (1961), "I See the Sun" (1966), "Children of the Sea" (1966), "The City Wakes Up Early" (1968), "Irresistible Kura" (1969), "Night Visit" (1974), "Escape at Dawn" (1977), "Shores" (1977), "Cinema" (1978), "Be Healthy, My Dear!" (1981), "Chiora" (1984), "Bagration" (1985), "Who's the Fourth?" (1985), "Cycle" (1986), "At Home, How Are You?" (1987), and "Only Death Comes for Sure" (1992).

Awards and Recognition

For her contributions to Georgian cinema and theater, Lia Eliava was awarded the title of Merited Artist of the Georgian SSR.

Personal Life

Not much is known about Lia Eliava's personal life as she was a private individual. She dedicated her life to the craft of acting and left a significant impact on Georgian theater and film.