Luca Montersino

Luca Montersino

Italian pastry chef
Country: Italy

  1. Biography of Luca Montersino
  2. Professional Experience
  3. Golosi di Salute and Allergy-Free Pastries
  4. Author and Television Personality

Biography of Luca Montersino

Luca Montersino, an Italian pastry chef and confectioner, was born in Turin in 1973. He currently resides in Alba. In 2001, he became the director of the culinary institute "Istituto Superiore Arti Culinarie Etoile" and held the position until 2004. Montersino is known for his commitment to healthy eating and has been a consultant for renowned pastry companies.

Luca Montersino

Professional Experience

Although many were hesitant to label Luca as a "chef" due to his youthful appearance, his culinary knowledge and expertise often surpass those of more experienced professionals. Today, Luca Montersino is a renowned pastry chef in Italy who eloquently and scientifically speaks about the art of confectionery and its healthy alternatives. His monthly publications in various magazines showcase his involvement in new proposals and special programs for a healthy lifestyle.

Luca Montersino

Golosi di Salute and Allergy-Free Pastries

Luca Montersino is the founder and creator of the project and product line "Golosi di Salute" (Delights of Health). Working in this innovative company, he creates rich and diverse fresh ingredients of the highest quality. Montersino specializes in creating a variety of pastries for those suffering from food allergies and intolerances, particularly gluten sensitivity. His creations are featured in his own pastry shops as well as in the best pastry shops in Italy that bear the "Healthy Gourmet" trademark.

Author and Television Personality

As an author, Luca Montersino has written numerous books on baking and desserts. He also hosts a paid television channel where he offers baking lessons, sharing his secrets and theoretical knowledge. Montersino's execution of recipes makes them appear simple and accessible to all.