Luke Nevill

Luke Nevill

Australian center, Triumph player
Date of Birth: 19.02.1986
Country: Australia

  1. Biography of Luke Nevill
  2. Welcome to Russia
  3. What he brought with him
  4. His knowledge of Russia and Moscow
  5. Decision to move to Russia
  6. Relationship with his former team
  7. Playing style and adaptation to European basketball
  8. Dreams and aspirations
  9. Family and personal interests

Biography of Luke Nevill

Luke Nevill is an Australian basketball player who currently plays as a center for the Triumph team. In an interview with, he shared stories from his childhood, emphasized that he never believed in bears, explained why he criticized his teammates during matches, and expressed his love for surfing.

Welcome to Russia

When asked about his arrival in Russia, Luke Nevill expressed his surprise at the amount of snow he saw. Coming from Australia, where it is currently summer, he had never seen so much snow before. He also mentioned that it is much colder in Russia than he expected. Despite bringing warm clothes with him, he was provided with additional winter gear by the club.

What he brought with him

Luke Nevill mentioned that he only brought clothes and shoes with him, as well as a few DVD movies. He loves comedies and action films. He explained that he didn't bring too much luggage as he is a big person and his clothes are usually large and bulky.

His knowledge of Russia and Moscow

Before arriving in Russia, Luke Nevill did some research about the country and Moscow. He mentioned that he never believed the stories about bears on the streets, just like the stories about sharks in Australia. He was impressed by the beauty of Moscow and expressed his interest in visiting the historical center and famous landmarks.

Decision to move to Russia

Luke Nevill had always wanted to try his skills in European basketball. When he received an offer from Russia, he consulted with his agent, family, and girlfriend before making the decision to play in the country. He believed that the Russian league is one of the strongest in Europe and saw it as a great opportunity to make a name for himself.

Relationship with his former team

Luke Nevill mentioned that his decision to leave his former team, the Tigers, was met with disappointment from his teammates and management. They tried to convince him to stay, as they didn't want to let him go. He had a good relationship with his teammates and coaches and felt warmly welcomed by them.

Playing style and adaptation to European basketball

Luke Nevill described himself as an aggressive player who prefers attacking from under the rim and enjoys dunking. He mentioned that the Australian league is known for its physical and aggressive style of play, which he was accustomed to. He believed that his experience in the D-League helped him adapt to the Australian league and prepared him for the European style of play. He expected it would take him 1-2 games to fully adapt to the European basketball style.

Dreams and aspirations

Luke Nevill expressed his dream of playing in the NBA and representing Australia in the Olympics. He mentioned that he was proud to be called up to the national team and hoped to compete in the London Olympics.

Family and personal interests

Luke Nevill comes from a family with a teaching background. His mother is a primary school teacher, and his father works as a delivery driver. He has a twin brother named Sam, who pursued a career in public service.

In terms of personal interests, Luke Nevill enjoys extreme sports such as skateboarding and surfing. He mentioned that although he no longer skateboards due to the risk of injury, he still enjoys surfing. He explained that he doesn't see anything unusual about a two-meter-tall person going to the beach and surfing on a larger board. He finds it to be a common sight in Australia.