Manuela Arcari

Manuela Arcari

Italian fashion designer, creator of the fashion labels 'Hache' and 'Ter Et Bantine'.
Country: Italy

  1. Manuela Arcari - An Unconventional Fashion Designer
  2. The Passion for Fashion
  3. A Loving Mother and a Critic
  4. The 'Hache' Brand
  5. A Blend of Practicality and Style
  6. The 'Ter Et Bantine' Project

Manuela Arcari - An Unconventional Fashion Designer

Manuela Arcari, an Italian fashion designer, is the creator of the fashion labels 'Hache' and 'Ter Et Bantine'. Unlike most of her peers in the industry, Arcari is a bright introvert and dislikes appearing in public. She modestly and candidly discusses herself, particularly explaining the principles that underlie the intricate balance of her unconventional creations.

Manuela Arcari

The Passion for Fashion

Arcari developed a passion for fashion design in 1980 when she started collaborating with a design and style division of a major regional clothing company in Bologna. Over time, her work evolved into something more than just a source of income. The release of her first independent collection in 1992 was warmly received by both the masses and the press.

Manuela Arcari

A Loving Mother and a Critic

Arcari is a mother of two children and sometimes jokingly refers to her project 'Ter Et Bantine' as her third child. She finds time for her children while actively promoting and popularizing her fashion creations. The success of her collections among Italian and global fashion enthusiasts speaks volumes about the quality of her work.

The 'Hache' Brand

Arcari established the 'Hache' brand in 1990, which was initially well-received and later underwent certain changes to acquire a more modern look. The brand's style can be described as flexible and eclectic, which is the main secret of its success. 'Hache' is perfect for modern women who are strong, self-assured, and enjoy experimenting with their style.

A Blend of Practicality and Style

All collections of the 'Hache' brand share a certain level of casualness, while maintaining a traditionally high quality of production. The meticulous selection of fabrics, skilled tailoring, and precise attention to detail allow for the creation of practical yet stylish fashion pieces. The brand offers a wide range of women's clothing, bags, and other accessories.

The 'Ter Et Bantine' Project

The 'Ter Et Bantine' project is, in many ways, a continuation of Arcari's debut clothing collection that initially brought her recognition as an independent designer. From the first collection to the large-scale independent project, Arcari has come a long way. In 1999, she opened her first exhibition space in Milan, a 1000 square meter area in the heart of one of the world's greatest fashion capitals. This space was a testament to Arcari's success, and she continued to rise to even greater heights.