Marcus McElhenney

Marcus McElhenney

American rower, 2008 Olympic participant
Date of Birth: 27.07.1981
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Marcus McElhenney
  2. Early Athletic Endeavors
  3. Becoming a Coxswain
  4. Plans After the Olympics

Biography of Marcus McElhenney

Marcus McElhenney, a member of the United States national rowing team, was born on July 27, 1981, in Drexel Hill. Currently, he resides in Princeton, New Jersey. Before earning his spot in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, McElhenney won two gold medals in the 2007 national championships. He achieved these medals as part of the eight and four-man teams. In 2006, he also placed third in the men's eight event at the World Championships.

Early Athletic Endeavors

As a student, Marcus actively participated in various track and field events. He enjoyed both cross country and trail running. After achieving success in running, he decided to try his hand at rowing. Inspired by his sophomore friends who found great joy in the sport, Marcus initially started as a rower and quickly became one of the top athletes in his team. His early training focused on flexibility and endurance rather than rowing technique, which was not a challenge for the young runner.

Becoming a Coxswain

During his first season, McElhenney tried himself as a coxswain in the final race. Shortly after, he became the permanent coxswain of the team. His coach, Mike Kipallone, had previously trained his son, who won gold as a coxswain at the Athens Olympics. McElhenney highly valued his coach's advice and strived to listen to every word. One distinctive feature of Marcus was his sociability. Growing up in a large family with six other siblings, he was raised in an atmosphere that nurtured his talented coxswain skills. "Part of my job is getting people to do things," says Marcus. Indeed, growing up in a big family requires leadership qualities. Furthermore, Marcus' parents also came from large families with ten children each. His sister's wedding had over 400 guests, nearly all of whom were relatives.

Plans After the Olympics

After the Olympics, Marcus plans to embark on a travel adventure. He wants to spend time in Germany with his fellow teammates, where he hopes to improve his conversational skills. Following his time in Germany, Marcus will head to Sydney to meet with the coxswain of the Australian eight-man team.