Margarita Balakirskaya

Margarita Balakirskaya

Managing editor of the TV channel's news release, radio presenter at Ekho Moskvy
Country: Russia

  1. Biography of Margarita Balakirskaya
  2. The Reality of Being a Journalist
  3. The Choice between Radio and Television
  4. Recognizability and Public Reactions
  5. Exploring Other Cities and Countries
  6. Leisure Activities and Sources of Inspiration
  7. Handling Difficult Situations and Emotions
  8. Personal Habits and Preferences

Biography of Margarita Balakirskaya

Margarita Balakirskaya, a television news producer and radio host at "Echo of Moscow," gained recognition in the late 90s as a television presenter on the "Entertainment" segment and the program "Stand" on the "Fourth Channel." Today, she is a well-known blogger and continues her role as a news producer and radio host at "Echo of Moscow in Yekaterinburg."

The Reality of Being a Journalist

Many people believe that being a journalist is a glamorous profession and that television presenters have a carefree status and make a lot of money. Is this really how the profession looks like? Margarita explains that being a journalist is indeed full of romanticism, but it varies for different individuals. For some, romance comes in the form of being physically assaulted during an investigation, while for others, it involves covering the bustling activities of beauty salons. Margarita shares her own early experience as a student journalist, hosting a segment called "Nightlife" on a radio station where they enthusiastically interacted with homeless people, police officers, and passengers at the railway station. Despite the risks, Margarita found moments of happiness in her profession. However, she points out that her work on television is just ten percent of what she does at the "Fourth Channel," as she spends most of her time reviewing materials, writing scripts, and making editorial decisions.

The Choice between Radio and Television

Margarita is known both as a television presenter and a radio host. When asked about her preference between the two, she explains that she enjoys both and alternates between them every other week. She works on talk shows for the radio and covers news on television. Margarita finds both roles to be stimulating and believes that neither can be considered boring. Currently, she finds more intellectual stimulation in hosting talk shows on the radio.

Recognizability and Public Reactions

Being a well-known figure, Margarita often gets recognized on the street. While she is indifferent to the curious gazes of people, she finds the whispers and gossip annoying. Passersby often treat television presenters as virtual characters, forgetting that they are real individuals who can hear what is being said. Margarita shares that some people approach her openly, which she finds pleasant, but there have been instances where someone went too far by unexpectedly hugging her. While she appreciates positive emotions, she prefers to maintain some distance.

Exploring Other Cities and Countries

When asked about which Russian city she considers promising in terms of career opportunities and comfortable for her soul, Margarita reveals that she is currently contemplating this question. While Moscow is not an option due to the traffic and lack of personal space, she desires a city where she can live peacefully. As for other countries, Margarita is still considering her options.

Leisure Activities and Sources of Inspiration

Margarita used to host the "Entertainment" segment on the "Fourth Channel" and was considered an expert in this field. However, she no longer engages in this topic and prefers not to frequent nightclubs. Instead, she suggests giving a tour of the Zaksobraniye or discussing the decorations in the offices of local politicians. In terms of personal relaxation and inspiration, Margarita enjoys spending time at her dacha, watching a bonfire, and clearing her mind. She also finds listening to the music of the band "Grazhdanskaya Oborona" while driving to be rejuvenating.

Handling Difficult Situations and Emotions

Margarita admits that she is an emotional person, and her colleagues have witnessed her outbursts over the years. However, she always apologizes afterward and continues to work on herself. She quotes actress Olga Kabo, who said that her appearance had to accept her busy lifestyle. Margarita believes in the importance of playing different roles and adapting to survive.

Personal Habits and Preferences

Margarita mentions that she spends a considerable amount of money on perfumes, which is one of her guilty pleasures. She values the friendships she has with both men and dogs and finds relaxation in taking a bath. When it comes to clothing, she prefers jeans and a t-shirt. Margarita believes that the secret to success lies in loving one's work and allowing it to love you back. She finds admiration in people who take risks and dislikes familiarity.