Mariette Hartley

Mariette Hartley

American actress
Date of Birth: 21.06.1940
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Mariett Hartley
  2. Early Career
  3. Television Success
  4. Later Career and Advocacy
  5. Current Work

Biography of Mariett Hartley

Mariett Hartley, an American actress, was born on June 21, 1940, in Weston, Connecticut, USA. Her parents were Mary Loretta 'Mari' Watson, a manager and saleswoman, and Paul Hembree Hartley, an advertising agency executive. Her grandfather, John B. Watson, was a psychologist, and her grandmother was the sister of politician Harold L. Ikes.

Mariette Hartley

Early Career

Hartley began her career in her teenage years on the theater stage under the guidance of Eva Le Gallienne. Her film career took off in 1962 when she appeared in the Western film "Ride the High Country" alongside Randolph Scott and Joel McCrea. In 1964, she had a supporting role in Alfred Hitchcock's thriller "Marnie." On television, Hartley was known for her role as Dr. Claire Morton in the prime-time series "Peyton Place."

Mariette Hartley

Television Success

In 1978, she appeared in the series "Logan's Run" and won an Emmy award for her participation in two episodes of "The Incredible Hulk" alongside Bill Bixby. In the late 1970s, Hartley and actor James Garner portrayed a married couple in a series of popular Polaroid commercials. Their convincing performances led many to believe they were actually married, but a photograph in Hartley's biography clearly stated, "I am not Mrs. James Garner."

Mariette Hartley

Later Career and Advocacy

In the 1990s, Hartley went on a touring production of the revived mystical play "Deathtrap" with Elliott Gould and Doug Wert. She became the host of the documentary series "Wild About Animals" and starred in her own solo show called "If You Get to Bethlehem, You've Gone Too Far." Hartley played Dorothy Spiller, the mother of actress Courteney Cox's character, in the dramatic series "Dirt." She also portrayed Lorna Scarry in the series "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and a patient with amnesia in the series "Grey's Anatomy."

In 2009, Hartley published her autobiography "Breaking the Silence," in which she discussed her struggles with psychological problems. She directly blamed the Watsons, who applied their psychoanalytic theories in their family, for her experiences with bipolar disorder. Hartley publicly revealed her understanding of the disorder based on her personal experiences and shared her father's suicide on a suicide prevention forum. She became one of the founders of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, dedicated to preventing suicides.

Current Work

At the age of 69, Hartley is currently listed as part of the cast for Camille Poisson's drama film "The Inner Circle." Throughout her career, she has showcased her versatility and talent in various mediums, leaving a lasting impact on the entertainment industry.