Matthias Schweighofer

Matthias Schweighofer

German actor and director, producer, screenwriter.
Date of Birth: 11.03.1981
Country: Germany

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  4. Personal Life
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Biography of Matthias Schweighofer

Matthias Schweighofer is a German actor, director, producer, and screenwriter. Born in Anklam, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, he is sometimes credited as "Matthias Schweighofer" in film titles.

Matthias Schweighofer

Early Life and Career

Schweighofer attended the renowned Ernst Busch School of Acting but dropped out after a year. However, coming from a family of actors, he had already worked with famous directors such as Peter Greenaway. He made his debut in film and television in 2000 and won a television award for Best Young Performer for his role in the film "Verbotenes Verlangen - Ich liebe meinen Schüler". In 2004, he entered the theater scene and performed in Berlin theaters such as Volksbühne and Hebbel.

Matthias Schweighofer

Acting Career

Schweighofer's acting talent has been showcased in various roles throughout his career. In 2007, he portrayed Manfred von Richthofen, a German fighter pilot during World War I, in the film "The Red Baron". Schweighofer is recognized as one of the most promising and talented actors in Europe.

Matthias Schweighofer

Personal Life

Between 2004 and 2012, Schweighofer was in a relationship with Ani Schromm. They resumed their relationship in 2013 and have a daughter named Greta (born May 1, 2009) and a son named Valentin (born February 17, 2014). The Schweighofer family currently resides in Berlin.

Matthias Schweighofer

Awards and Achievements

Schweighofer has received numerous awards throughout his career, including the German TV Award (2000), Gunther Strack TV Award (2002), Golden Camera Award (2003), Adolf Grimme Award (2003), New Faces Award (2003), Bavarian Film Award (2004), Baden-Baden Television Festival Award (2004), DIVA Award (2006), Bambi Award (2007), and Undine Award for Best Young Actor (2005, 2007).

Interesting Facts

- Schweighofer stands at a height of 180 cm.
- He is fluent in German, French, and English.
- He plays the piano and violin.
- Schweighofer enjoys writing poems, with his favorite author being Max Frisch.
- He prefers running and swimming as his favorite sports.
- Despite having a fear of flying, Schweighofer portrayed a World War I pilot, Manfred von Richthofen, in the film "The Red Baron".