Country: France

  1. The Virtuoso Thieves
  2. A Well-Planned Heist
  3. The Inspector's Visit
  4. Consequences of a Failed Heist

The Virtuoso Thieves

Maxim and Lopite, two Parisian thieves, were true virtuosos in their craft. They executed their schemes with precision, even going as far as acquiring an old trench coat in the style of Columbo to make themselves look like authentic police officers. The total amount they managed to steal added up to 6 million francs, a substantial sum indeed.

A Well-Planned Heist

Their modus operandi involved targeting elderly individuals in the affluent neighborhoods of Paris. They meticulously compiled a list of 33 potential wealthy clients, all aged between 75 and 90. Bypassing the concierge in the building, they would hang up a notice that read: "Dear residents! Due to ongoing preventive maintenance work, temporary water outage may occur." Several days later, Lopite, disguised as a plumber, would enter one of the apartments on the list. The trusting elderly tenants would open their doors, allowing the supposed plumber to inspect their pipes and faucets. He would leave with a seemingly insignificant item tucked away in his pocket.

The Inspector's Visit

Shortly after, Maxim would make a visit to the same apartment, disguised as a police inspector. Presenting them with a forged identification, he would inform the elderly residents that a criminal pretending to be a plumber had been apprehended and proceed to show them an item that had recently been stolen from their home. Afterward, Maxim would demand that the owners inspect their valuables in his presence. The victims would rush to their hiding places, only to find everything in its proper place. With their minds put at ease, the "inspector" would leave. When no one was home, Maxim and Lopite would return and swiftly collect the valuables. In total, they managed to steal 130,000 francs, a valuable collection of rare coins, 40 watches of various brands, jewelry, credit cards, and even gold bars.

Consequences of a Failed Heist

However, their luck eventually ran out. One day, their robbery went awry, forcing them to flee and abandon their car. The car was later discovered, and the police found fingerprints belonging to Maxim, which led them to the trail of the criminals.

Maxim and Lopite were a notorious duo of thieves in Paris. Known for their meticulous planning and execution, they targeted elderly individuals in affluent neighborhoods. Maxim would disguise himself as a police inspector, while Lopite posed as a plumber. Their method involved gaining the trust of the victims by pretending to catch a criminal impersonating a plumber, only to swiftly steal their valuables when they were not around. Their successful heists amassed them a total of 6 million francs, allowing Maxim to purchase a new Mercedes and Lopite to build a mansion in an upscale area of Paris. However, their luck eventually ran out when their fingerprints were discovered at a crime scene, leading the police to their trail.