Maximilien Gardel

Maximilien Gardel

French choreographer and dancer.
Date of Birth: 28.12.1741
Country: France

  1. Biography of Maximilien Gardel
  2. Early Training
  3. Ballet Master at the Paris National Opera

Biography of Maximilien Gardel

Maximilien Gardel, a French choreographer and dancer, was born into a family of ballet masters at the Court Ballet of Polish King Stanisław Leszczyński. He was the older brother of the dancer Pierre Gardel.

Early Training

Gardel received his dance education under the renowned French artist Louis Dupré at the School of Dance at the Paris Opera.

Ballet Master at the Paris National Opera

In 1781, Maximilien Gardel assumed the position of ballet master ("Maître des ballets") at the Paris National Opera, following the tenure of Jean-Georges Noverre.