Mickey Finn

Mickey Finn

English rock guitarist of the band "Tyrannosaurus Rex"
Date of Birth: 03.06.1947
Country: Great Britain

  1. Biography of Mickey Finn
  2. Role in 'Tyrannosaurus Rex'
  3. Life after 'Tyrannosaurus Rex'
  4. Legacy and Passing

Biography of Mickey Finn

Mickey Finn, whose real name was Michael Norman Finn, was born in 1947 in Surrey, southern England. Despite being expelled from art school, Finn worked as a painter. It was during this time that he met the legendary leader of the glam rock group 'T. Rex' (or 'Tyrannosaurus Rex' as it was known then), Marc Bolan. Bolan, without hesitation, offered Finn the opportunity to replace Steve Peregrine Took, who had left the band. Finn gladly accepted the offer, despite having no experience playing drums or any special vocal abilities. However, his youthful and attractive appearance, with long, wavy hair, a broad chest, and a charming face, played a crucial role in his selection as a member of the legendary band.

Mickey Finn

Role in 'Tyrannosaurus Rex'

Finn was unable to replicate the musical style of his predecessor Took, but his role in the band was not to imitate. He was a perfect complement to the equally eye-catching Marc Bolan, and soon the young men became idols of the youth, especially among the female fans. His fellow bandmate Paul Fenton described Finn as a true London dandy, driving extravagant cars, dressing stylishly, and having relationships with the most incredible women of the time. Together, they recorded the album 'A Beard of Stars', which was the last album released under the name 'Tyrannosaurus Rex'.

Mickey Finn

Life after 'Tyrannosaurus Rex'

Finn remained in the band until the mid-70s when he left. Like many musicians of the 70s, he also faced the sad aspects of life – alcohol and drugs. In the 80s and 90s, he could occasionally be seen performing with the London band 'Checkpoint Charlie'. In 1997, Finn, together with Bolan's son Roland and other former band members, decided to revive the group, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of Marc Bolan's death. They named the resurrected project 'Mickey Finn's T-Rex'. Although Finn quickly left the band again due to his struggles with addiction, the group continues to perform to this day. The members of the band are grateful to Finn's family for allowing them to use his name in the band's title.

Legacy and Passing

Mickey Finn passed away in poverty, but not in complete obscurity, on January 11, 2003, at the age of 55. His liver and kidneys were the cause of his untimely death. Despite his struggles, Finn left a lasting impact on the music scene, and his contributions to 'Tyrannosaurus Rex' and subsequent projects are remembered and appreciated by fans and fellow musicians alike.