Milly Cooper

Milly Cooper

The oldest priestess of love
Country: USA

  1. The Oldest Priestess of Love
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The Oldest Priestess of Love

This woman began working as a priestess of love at the end of World War II. Years passed, but Milly continued to ply her trade. She had plenty of clients, felt fantastic, and had no intention of retiring. Soon Milly could confidently be called a veteran of escort services - she continued to work, even crossing the threshold of 50, and then 60 years old. In 2011, when she was already 96 years old, many media outlets wrote about her, and she was rightfully called the Oldest Prostitute in the World. Many believed that this unique record deserved a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

Milly Cooper

Biography of Milly Cooper

When Milly Cooper turned 96, she continued to work as a prostitute. Her advanced age not only did not diminish her value but, on the contrary, made her an even higher-paid priestess of love. By this age, Milly no longer serviced more than two clients per week, earning £800 per session. In one of her interviews, Milly Cooper revealed that at the end of World War II, tired of hunger and poverty, she began working as a dancer in a cabaret. She was 27 years old at the time, her husband had died on the front lines, and she was left with a young child. She soon realized that with her looks, she could earn much more by providing different services, not just dancing on stage. She received numerous offers and started exploring her new profession. At that time, Milly, who was born in England, was already living in the United States, where she spent most of her life. Her husband, who later died in the war, took her to America. Milly eventually earned enough money to open her own salon (or brothel), where nearly ten girls worked under her. She personally selected and trained them, teaching not only the trade but also good manners, the art of conversation, and presenting oneself in the best possible light. In 1955, while already being a madam in the brothel, Milly married again. Her husband was an ordinary accountant with no connection to the industry. Despite the family's considerable wealth and her husband eventually leaving her £100,000, she always feared that one day the money would run out and could not bring herself to quit her business. However, while she was married, she did temporarily give up her profession and did not service men. After a break, Milly returned to her old trade and resumed working as a prostitute, despite her advanced age. It turned out that age was not a hindrance to her profession, and she continued to attract clients. Years went by, and she kept on working. Eventually, Milly Cooper celebrated her seventieth, then her eightieth, ninetieth, and even her hundredth birthday. In 2011, Milly turned 96, yet she continued to work as a prostitute. For a date, she charged £800, and she serviced no more than two clients per week. This income was enough for her to not fear the future. Milly proudly claimed that throughout her career, she had serviced around 3,500 men, ranging in age from 29 to 99. She was also not very pleased with the present times. In her opinion, girls nowadays look and dress too vulgarly. As for herself, Milly proudly said that she always dressed elegantly and never allowed herself to look promiscuous. She respectfully referred to her clients as "gentlemen" and felt gratitude and respect towards each one of them. Meanwhile, Milly Cooper became the holder of a record and a very unusual title - the Oldest Prostitute in the World.