Moriah Norman

Moriah Norman

American water polo player, participant of the 2008 Olympics
Date of Birth: 30.05.1984
Country: USA

Biography of Moriah Van Norman

Moriah Van Norman was born on May 30, 1984 in San Diego, USA. She is an American water polo player and a participant of the 2008 Olympics. She grew up and studied in San Diego, coming from a large family with two brothers, Josh and Jordan, as well as a younger sister, Sarah. Moriah started her athletic journey in elementary school, initially joining a swimming club and later becoming a member of the school's soccer team. Eventually, she decided to switch to water polo, a team sport that she found thrilling and full of exciting and dangerous moments. During her time in school, Moriah Van Norman was honored multiple times as the "Most Valuable Player of the Year."

After graduating from high school, Moriah Van Norman enrolled in the University of California. In 2002, she secured the first place at the Junior Pan American Games. In 2003, she once again achieved an indisputable victory with her team at the Holiday Cup. Additionally, in the same year, she earned the second place at the FINA Junior World Championship held in Canada as a member of the US national team.

In 2005, Moriah Van Norman represented the American team at the FINA World Championship in Montreal and secured the second place. The following year, she became the first in the FINA League, surpassing her competitors. In 2006, Moriah Van Norman received her higher education degree, specializing in English.

In 2007, the American women's water polo team emerged victorious at the FINA World Championship in Melbourne. During the same year, Moriah Van Norman attained the titles of champion in competitions such as the FINA World League and the Pan American Games. In 2008, she won a silver medal at the Olympic Games held in Beijing.

Outside of her athletic career, Moriah Van Norman is a member of a charitable organization dedicated to researching breast cancer. She frequently visits the organization's center to provide assistance to affected women and help combat this serious illness. Moriah Van Norman cherishes spending time with her family, particularly enjoying her mother's cooking, especially dishes from Mexican cuisine. Her favorite movie is "Dirty Dancing," and her favorite actors are Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington. She is a fan of musicians such as Tom Petty, Mary J. Blige, and bands like Boston and AC/DC. Her favorite composition is "Highway to Hell."