Moshe Peer

Moshe Peer

Holocaust survivor
Country: France

  1. Biography of Moshe Peer
  2. Surviving the Holocaust
  3. Controversy and Writing a Book

Biography of Moshe Peer

Moshe Peer was born in 1933 in France, into a Jewish family. As Europe fell under the grip of fascism, young Moshe became one of millions of Jews sent to concentration camps. He was brought to Bergen-Belsen, a camp infamous for its mass extermination of Jews. At the age of nine, he found himself in the camp with his brother and sister, while their mother was taken to Auschwitz and never seen again. Moshe does not like to recall the horrors of the concentration camp, as he witnessed too much bloodshed and death from an early age. He still cannot forgive the Nazis for robbing him of his childhood and taking away his mother.

Surviving the Holocaust

Moshe Peer's story became known worldwide because he managed to survive the gas chamber at least six times. How he was able to do so, Moshe himself cannot say. Perhaps he believes that children have a higher resistance and survival rate. He vividly remembers the suffocating cries and moans of people next to him, even though many years have passed.

Controversy and Writing a Book

Moshe Peer later wrote a book about his experiences in the concentration camp, titled 'Inoubliable Bergen-Belsen' (Unforgettable Bergen-Belsen). However, his claims were met with criticism, with many doubting the existence of gas chambers in Bergen-Belsen and dismissing the camp as a place of extermination.

Regardless, Moshe Peer insists that he was in the gas chamber at least six times and miraculously survived each time. He cannot explain why the Nazis did not attempt to kill him using other methods. At the time of these horrific events, Moshe was only 9-11 years old. His brothers and father also endured the horrors of the concentration camp and miraculously survived. After the war, the family was reunited, but sadly, Moshe's mother perished in Auschwitz.