Muhamed Kahrimanovic

Muhamed Kahrimanovic

Guinness World Record holder for breaking 74 cans in a minute
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

  1. Meet Muhamed Kahrimanovic: The Guinness World Record Holder
  2. The Record-Breaking Feat
  3. A New World Champion

Meet Muhamed Kahrimanovic: The Guinness World Record Holder

Muhamed Kahrimanovic, a native of Bosnia and Herzegovina, made headlines when he broke a world record and secured his place in the Guinness World Records. While many records in the famous book impress with their "faster, higher, farther" characteristics, they also often astonish with their sheer absurdity. From high-speed toilet racing to running on a tightrope, these extraordinary feats not only showcase exceptional talents but also make one wonder who could come up with such ideas. Nevertheless, in the modern world, eccentricity is praised, and people do not shy away from showcasing their unique talents and fantasies, especially if it can earn them a spot in the Guinness World Records.

Muhamed Kahrimanovic

The Record-Breaking Feat

Muhamed Kahrimanovic achieved his record by smashing 74 liquid-filled cans in just one minute. Although the act of breaking cans with one's hand is not particularly unusual, it was the speed at which Muhamed accomplished this feat that caught the attention of Guinness World Records officials. In 2011, the record was set and officially recognized in Beijing, China. On a long table, rows of cans, likely filled with plain water, were placed. As the timer began, Muhamed, dressed in a kimono, swiftly moved along the table, crushing one can after another. Impressively, he even managed to finish off stubborn cans that initially resisted his strikes. When the time was up, all 74 cans were left crumpled and empty.

A New World Champion

The previous record, according to the presenter, stood at 69 cans, making Muhamed Kahrimanovic the new world champion. His official record of breaking 74 cans with his hand within one minute solidified his place in history. It's worth noting that Muhamed's accomplishment did not shock many due to the nature of the feat but rather due to the incredible speed at which he achieved it. His remarkable talent and dedication earned him a well-deserved spot in the Guinness World Records.