Nahman Dushanskiy

Nahman Dushanskiy

Soviet state security officer, employee of the NKVD, NKGB, MGB, KGB in the Lithuanian SSR.
Date of Birth: 29.12.1919
Country: Israel

Biography of Nahman Dushansky

Nahman Noahovich Dushansky was born in 1919 in the city of Shaulay, Lithuania. Growing up in a community of Jews, Poles, and Russian Old Believers, Dushansky joined an underground Communist organization in Lithuania at a young age. He actively participated in communist work and was responsible for the storage and distribution of underground literature.

However, the activities of the organization failed and Dushansky, along with his comrades, was imprisoned in the Shaulay prison and later transferred to a new political prison in Rasenai. In June 1940, all the prisoners were released and Dushansky returned to Shaulay, where he immediately resumed working.

In Lithuania, Soviet passports and party tickets were distributed, and former political prisoners were among the first to receive them. In August of the same year, Dushansky was drafted into the Red Army. By that time, he had already become a communist, which led him to serve in the organs of the NKVD. In the spring of 1941, Dushansky was the first to translate a leaflet with the inscription "Open only on 22/06/1941" that was seized from a detained agent of the LAF organization, revealing the upcoming war.

On the morning of June 22, 1941, the Germans bombed Shaulay. Dushansky, who had just arrived from Crimea at that moment, managed to evacuate his parents on a train but had to leave with the party, Soviet, and Komsomol activists on buses heading east. He later learned that the train with his parents never left the station, and they were killed by the police in the ghetto. His siblings also perished.

In October, Dushansky, as part of a special NKVD group, was transferred to Moscow. By that time, he had already been wounded during a train bombing. It soon became known that Stalin wanted to personally protect himself and the government with Chekists from the Baltics, which was considered a great honor for those selected.

However, instead of the honorable protection duty, the Baltic Chekists spent the winter of 1941 cutting down trees for firewood for government buildings. By the summer of 1943, Dushansky completed an accelerated training course for the "territorial special groups of the NKVD for work in liberated territories" in his republics. The focus of the training was on working with agents and recruitment, much of which remains undisclosed.

In January 1943, Dushansky became a junior lieutenant of state security. In the summer of 1943, he arrived in Smolensk, which had recently been liberated. His tasks were related to reconnaissance and search operations, and he completed his last assignments in 1944. Throughout his service, Nahman Noahovich received the Order of the Red Banner of 1st degree and the Medal "For Courage". In 1946, he was awarded another order - the Order of the Patriotic War of 2nd degree, which he received in 1947.