Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado

Pop singer
Date of Birth: 02.12.1978
Country: Canada

Nelly Furtado Biography

Nelly Furtado, a Canadian pop singer, was born on December 2, 1978, in Victoria, British Columbia. Her parents immigrated to Canada from the Azores, a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Her father worked as a bricklayer, while her mother worked as a hotel maid, and Nelly often assisted her during summer vacations. Her parents always supported her in her musical interests, which began at a very young age.

At the age of four, Nelly performed for the first time in public, singing a duet with her mother, who had been a singer in a church choir for many years. By the age of nine, Nelly had started playing the ukulele, and by twelve, she had written her first song. During her school years, she participated in various musical groups, including a jazz band, a concert ensemble, and a marching band, where she played the trombone. She also took vocal lessons and danced.

Nelly's first major passion was rhythm and blues and hip-hop. Her bedroom walls were adorned with portraits of rappers from music magazines. A trip to Portugal, her parents' homeland, introduced her to a new form of musical competition called cancoes desafios, where artists improvised rhyming lyrics on the spot. This style of freestyling in hip-hop fascinated her.

Despite her parents' reservations, Nelly decided to move to Toronto at the age of seventeen. In Toronto, she found a job with a company that installed security systems and formed her first trip-hop duo called Nelstar. The duo not only performed but also recorded their songs in a studio. Nelly developed an interest in English rock music and began writing her own songs on the guitar. However, she had a diverse range of musical influences, including TLC, Smashing Pumpkins, Cornershop, Brazilian music, and even the marching band her Portuguese relatives played in.

In 1997, Nelly applied to participate in a singing competition in Toronto, where she met Brian West and Gerald Eaton from the Canadian project Philosopher Kings. Impressed by her potential, they became her producers and helped her make her first professional studio recording. After signing with DreamWorks in 1999, Nelly released her debut album, "Whoa Nelly!" in September 2000. The album showcased her eclectic sound, influenced by various genres and languages, with Nelly singing in English, Portuguese, and Hindi.

The album's success was driven by the hit single "Like a Bird," which reached the top of the charts and garnered Nelly numerous awards, including a Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. Her second album, "Folklore," released in 2003, showcased a more reflective and mature sound. Although it didn't achieve the same commercial success as her debut album, it received critical acclaim.

Throughout her career, Nelly has continued to explore different genres and collaborate with various artists. She has released several more albums, including "Loose" in 2006 and "The Ride" in 2017. Despite facing ups and downs in her career, Nelly Furtado remains a respected and influential figure in the music industry.