Novala Takemoto

Novala Takemoto

Japanese writer and fashion designer
Date of Birth: 26.01.1968
Country: Japan

  1. Biography of Novela Takemoto
  2. Early Life and Education
  3. Literary Achievements
  4. Fashion Design and Controversy

Biography of Novela Takemoto

Novela Takemoto was a Japanese writer and fashion designer who gained the most recognition after the release of 'Shimotsuma Monogatari', known in English as 'Kamikaze Girls'. The book quickly became a cult classic and was even adapted into a film, contributing to Takemoto's rise as a popular cult writer. Another one of his novels, 'Twins - A Variety Store Named 'The End of the World'', was also made into a movie.

Novala Takemoto

Early Life and Education

Novela Takemoto, born in 1968 in Kyoto, Japan, was known to be an extremely shy and introverted child. He preferred introspection, drawing, and reading over socializing and spending time with friends. After graduating from Osaka University of Arts in 1987, Takemoto explored various artistic, musical, and theatrical endeavors.

Novala Takemoto

Literary Achievements

In the 1990s, Takemoto made his literary debut with a series of stories titled 'Hanagata Bunka Tsūshin', which were published in a newspaper as serialized works. These stories were well-received, leading to the publication of a standalone book called 'Soleilnuit: For Becoming a Proper Young Lady' in 1998. Following the success of his first book, Takemoto continued his writing career and released his first novel, 'Missin'', in 2000. He then became a nominee for the prestigious Yukio Mishima Literary Award for his subsequent novels, 'Emily' in 2003 and 'Lolita' in 2004.

Fashion Design and Controversy

Apart from his writing, Novela Takemoto was also a well-known fashion designer in Japan, particularly in the Gothic and Lolita style. He collaborated with the brand 'Baby, The Stars Shine Bright' (BTSSB) and became one of the influential figures in popularizing this style along with musician Mana. However, Takemoto's career suffered a setback in September 2007 when he was arrested for illegal possession of cannabis. This incident had a negative impact on his reputation as a designer, leading BTSSB to sever ties with him and remove any mentions of his association with the brand from their official website. Takemoto's own website was also temporarily closed but later resumed operations.

Despite the controversy, Novela Takemoto's literary and fashion contributions have left an indelible mark on Japanese culture and continue to inspire new generations of artists and designers.