Olga Pulatova

Olga Pulatova

Ukrainian Russian-speaking singer, composer,
Date of Birth: 12.09.1975
Country: Ukraine

  1. Biography of Olga Pulatova
  2. Founding of Flёur and Olya i Monstr
  3. Participation in Dust Heaven
  4. Solo Career and Collaboration with Verba
  5. Writing and Publications

Biography of Olga Pulatova

Olga Pulatova is a Ukrainian Russian-speaking singer, composer, author of songs, poems, and stories. She currently resides in Odessa.

Founding of Flёur and Olya i Monstr

In February 2000, Olga Pulatova, along with Elena Voinarovska, formed the group Flёur. She continues to be a member of the group as a songwriter, performer, composer, and arranger. In 2004, the band Aeroplan was revived under the name Olya i Monstr. Olga Pulatova participated in the group as a songwriter and performer while also being a part of Flёur. Currently, the band "Olya i Monstr" no longer exists.

Participation in Dust Heaven

Until 2005, Olga Pulatova served as a songwriter, composer, and performer in the project Dust Heaven.

Solo Career and Collaboration with Verba

In July 2008, Olga Pulatova performed a solo concert in Odessa, featuring songs that were not performed with any other musical group. During the concert, a new project was announced, with its debut performance scheduled to take place in August at the "Interferentsiya" festival. This project turned out to be a collaboration with the Moscow post-rock group Verba, titled "Verba feat. O. Pulatova." In November 2009, the internet single "Lunatic" was released. While there are no physical publications, with Olga's consent, several works have appeared online.

Writing and Publications

In 2000, a collection of poems titled "Obesbolivayushchiy Ukus" (Anesthetic Bite) was released. The poems were written between 1990 and 2000. Many songs in various projects were based on poems from this collection. In December 2000, autobiographical stories titled "Konvergentsiya" (Convergence) and "Tri Pervykh Koncerta Flёr" (The First Three Flёr Concerts) were published, describing the history of the creation of the group Flёr. Additionally, a collection of short dream stories titled "Dnevnik Snov" (Dream Diary) was released. Furthermore, several other stories by Olga, including "Sosedi" (Neighbors) (November 1999), "Koshka" (Cat) (1999), and "Vika" (November 2000), are available online.